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YouTube marketing tips from the experienced marketers

If you want to learn about YouTube marketing, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started with important aspects of YouTube strategy.

Stop begging for likes!

What other factors affect engagement besides time and CTR? If a person, after watching one video, looked at your channel and opened a few more videos and watched them too, that is, there was one session, and there were several views at once.

The YouTube algorithm, seeing this, will experience high-level confidence and decide that your content is generally some kind of super-mega space and decide that it certainly needs to be recommended to everyone. But unfortunately, this will not happen if you have all the videos on the channel on different topics, the topic is exactly what I was talking about above!

This will be if you ask the viewer at the end of the video to watch another video on your channel. Experts conducted an experiment, two videos with the same number of views and the same topic, but in one video at the end, they asked to watch another video, and in the other, they didn’t ask for anything.

When you asked to watch another one too, got bigger engagement and reach. In this case, you can buy YouTube subscribers PayPal because it’s easy and ask them to watch other videos too.

It’s all about storytelling

Let’s say you came up with a brilliant headline, preview and hook. But what’s next? What if you have a video for two hours? How will you keep your attention for two hours? This is where storytelling comes to the rescue.

The script is the most powerful tool that holds attention the most.  Those who master this skill are at the very top of the human hierarchy. I’m not even talking about money. Your power in society is equal to the amount of attention that you were able to direct to yourself.

What’s the secret?

You need to write the script in such a way that everything that answers the question “Why” is moved as far as possible to the very end so that the time up to this point becomes a mystery.

A mystery has causes, consequences, characteristics – that’s what you can talk about, going into details not of the mystery itself, but of what surrounds it! In short, you beat around the bush, but you don’t say the essence to the very end.

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