What You Should Know If You Play PUBG as a Beginner?

The most popular game on Steam is still Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. PUB stands for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is the world’s second best-selling game, with over 50 million copies sold and over 87 million daily gamers, indicating that it has truly hit the sweet spot in the gaming business.

Players are dropped in groups of four (squad), two (duo), and one on an apparently abandoned island (solo). They then gather a variety of items like firearms, backpacks, med-kits, and grenades by searching houses and other locations.

The players must, however, stay in the safe zone. Leaving the safe zone is dangerous because they may become trapped in the blue zone and perish rapidly, sometimes bringing their teammates with them, this helps them to revive their knocked out rear when travelling into the danger zones.

The WWCD prize, experience points, and rating points are awarded to players/squads who survive until the final safe zone runs out.

The latest map, Vikendi, now features four maps as well as an expanded weapon set with a lot of depth. While the game’s total popularity may be declining due to fierce competition, it’s no surprise that the game itself is still quite popular: All in the name of an ethereal chicken meal, throw 100 individuals onto a map and tell them to scavenge and murder.

PUBG important items and guide contents

In PUBG, some gears and consumables are crucial. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the vast array of objects scattered over PUBG’s deserted homesteads. There appears to be an endless amount of weapon attachments, ammo kinds, and random trinkets just waiting to be liberated by your pilfering hands.

PUBG’s ‘perfect’ weapon loadout

Because so much happens by chance during a typical PUBG battle, claiming that there is one exact set of weaponry that you should want to collect is pointless. Instead, attempt to ensure that you’ve covered all of your bases. Because fights can happen anywhere, the best load-out includes two weapons that can be used efficiently at range and in close quarters.

PUBG Cheats & Hacks:

  • PUBG includes a software system that constantly monitors the game for cheat codes or hacks that may be utilised during gaming. This proactive anti-cheat protection system, known as BattlEye, creates a robust shield over the entire game.
  • When the BattlEye detects you, the system corrupts your data and removes you from the system.
  • Your rating will be reduced if you kill or injure other members of your team. If your rating falls below 60, you will be unable to participate in squad or duo matches until you raise it by playing solo.
  • It’s critical to maintain a modest profile. Make an effort to be strategic and difficult to spot. Staying behind ridge lines while travelling through the highland, running, and moving in a random manner in the open makes you a difficult target to hit.
  • Always flip over the pages. Keep a constant eye on your surroundings to avoid being ambushed.
  • Because selecting ‘all’ puts you at danger of exposing your position to enemy teams listening in, keep your microphone on the team or off if team members are unresponsive.
  • Another common cheat is wallhacks. Working wallhacks for PUBG is another prevalent exploit that allows the user to see through walls and obstacles, as the name suggests. The player is able to see through walls or other obstacles, the ammunition, enemies, supply drops.
  • Always look for a suppressor in the last phases. Shooting with a suppressor always aids in maintaining position. Superior also reduces recoil, allowing you to shoot at a target for extended periods of time.
  • If an adversary appears unexpectedly, drop to the ground or crouch and shoot. This usually requires the enemy to cease shooting in order to aim down. That is your view. Shoot them to the moon and back!
  • Keep your kill shots high, but remember that surviving is the essential goal. Try to stay alive and avoid taking any shots you know you won’t finish.
  • Know what weapons and ammunition you have and how to use them effectively. Accessorize with scopes and gun-specific attachments such as a Flash Hider, Suppressor, Compensator, and so on. You can also tailor your controls to your preferences.

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