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What Is Niche Marketing About & How Can You Cash In On It?

What Is Niche Marketing About & How Can You Cash In On It?

Exactly what is niche marketing about, how does it work, why is it so important and how can you benefit financially online from it?

These are some of the essential questions I will explore within this article to get you the answers you’re looking for, so you can successfully start up your own Free internet-based niche business and rake in a fortune from building one.

Whether you’re a total newbie who wants to earn a second income from the world wide web or if your previous attempts at making money online have failed miserably on multiple occasions.

I will lead you down the correct path and show you precisely why your current methods suck ass, where you’ve gone wrong, and how I can work my special magic to fix your situation and help you succeed on the net, my friend!

So without further ado, let me share some Golden “Niche” Nuggets with you!

Firstly, What Is a Niche Market?

To some folks, a niche market sounds really complex, but in essence it’s a really simple concept to apprehend!

Also known simply as a niche, it’s a small segment of market that primarily focuses on a specific product or service. That’s it!

Within every niche, there’s always a “group of people” (an audience of MILLIONS of potential buyers) who are interested in particular products and services. Whatever product pops in to your head, there is a demand, a niche for it, and a lot of money to be made online from it.

For example:

  • Affiliate Marketing training platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate are targeted towards people who want to “make money online as Affiliate Marketers”
  • Black Friday Deals are aimed at people wanting to “save money”
  • Sports items are geared towards “sports enthusiasts”
  • Pet products for “pet owners”
  • Games console games for “gaming fans”
  • Flat-screen TV for “couch potatoes”
  • And the list goes on, forever!

How Does a Niche Market Work & Make You Money?

When somebody is genuinely interested in purchasing an item, they will generally search the internet for more information on a product, and find the cheapest and best place possible to purchase it before pulling out the bank card and punching the numbers in to a keyboard or smart mobile device.

This is where you come in to play as a niche marketer, better known as an Affiliate Marketer!

  1. The potential customer searches Google for a product
  2. They discover your website and product review on 1st page of Google
  3. They make a purchase through your product Affiliate link
  4. You earn a commission percentage from that sale

Why Is a Niche So Highly Important?

To be quite frank with you, a niche can either “Make” or “Break” you as an online business owner. So, it’s vital to choose a niche that homes in on a specific crowd of people if you crave success, and not failure!

The problem with a lot of website owners is that they try too hard to please everyone, and so aim for a niche that’s far too broad, and one that leads to an epic failure!

Q: So how do you choose an effective and successful niche?

A: By narrowing it down and making it Laser–Targeted!

By helping the needs of a smaller targeted group of people, you easily become an expert in your chosen niche, and you will become successful at earning revenue.

For example, choosing a niche on “TOYS” is just too broad and won’t work out for you!

You should narrow it down to:

  • Electronic toys for kids
  • Lego toy sets for boys
  • Disney toys for girls
  • soft toys for young toddlers

The trick is also to refrain from falling into the “it’s too narrow” trap because there are the possibility and danger of running out of steam. Lacking ideas to write about and products to review isn’t healthy for your online business if you’re aiming to become a Wealthy Affiliate!

How Do You Single-Out The Perfect Niche?

To really dig down and uncover the niche you truly love. You start by asking yourself the following questions?

  1. What interest really lights my fire and do I have a passion for it?
  2. Can I easily write about it and communicate with my audience?
  3. Will it be easy for me to write product reviews?
  4. Will I love helping others within my niche?

Need More Help?

Here are 3 additional effective ways to locate a niche:

1: DMOZ is an open-content directory full of categories and links that will give you a ton of fresh ideas.

2: Amazon

Amazon is the world’s biggest and best online retailer, selling more than 200 MILLION products and various services within the USA, which are divided into 35 different categories for you to pinch ideas and inspiration from.

3: Jaaxy

The Jaaxy keyword tool will help you to discover unlimited “niche” keyword term ideas that you can easily build a website from and write about. Start with Jaaxy, below.

How To Build a Niche Website For FREE & Benefits Financially?

So now you have finally decided on a niche. The next step is to build a Free niche website, so you can launch your new business into cyberspace and automatically be enrolled in the Wealthy Affiliate community who will provide you with all the training, resources, and help you need to build a profitable online business.

Build your Free website now, using the SiteRubix website builder, below.

Once your website is up, I highly recommend you get rolling with your online business building training at Wealthy Affiliate, right away without hesitation if you want a successful internet biz!

If you have any further questions on niche marketing or feedback you want to leave, then I invite you to please post your comments, below.

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