What is Article Spinning

What is Article Spinning

So, What is Article Spinning anyway?

Article spinning is a technique used to create a unique version of a base piece of content. Put another way, article spinning is the process by which a copywriter or blogger creates a new article out of an existing article by rewriting it.

Often times this process is used to create dozens of unique articles from one article for the purposes of article marketing.

Article Spinning is most often associated with the use of spinning software that automates the process of creating multiple articles.

How does article spinning work?

Article spinning requires “spintax.” Spintax (or spin syntax) is the list of text, sentences, or synonyms that are embedded into an article.

The article spinning software then randomly substitutes your synonym choices into the article to create new, unique variations of the base article.

Consider the following sentence:

Fido is a {green|blue|yellow} stuffed {doggy|dog|puppy}.

In this example, curly braces enclose the text which can be chosen at random.

For example, {green|blue|yellow} means that when you read the sentence, you can choose to substitute one of the three colors listed in the sentence.

When a sentence is spun, article spinning software can generate a unique version of the sentence (see below).

  • Fido is a green stuffed dog.
  • Fido is a green stuffed doggy.
  • Fido is a blue stuffed puppy.
  • Fido is a blue stuffed doggy.
  • Fido is a yellow stuffed dog.

Why Spin Articles?

Spinning your original article is a good way to avoid Google’s duplicate content penalty (which really isn’t a penalty).

For example, if Google comes across two identical articles, it will only index one of them into the main index, which are the results we all see after we do a search on Google.

The winning article will be the one Google sees as being the original content – which 99% of the time is the article that was written (and indexed) first.

Thus, simply copying a bunch of previously written articles and posting them on your blog is going to do absolutely nothing for you in terms of SEO as most if this content won’t even get indexed.

What if I’m using content for article marketing?

Well, many marketers have found great success with article marketing; including me. One of the main reasons for doing this is to create backlinks to our site(s).

The concept is rather simple. Creating more backlinks to your site will ultimately help you improve your search rankings for your targeted keywords.

Ranking in the top three for these keywords gives you a much better chance of making money with your site than sitting on page 2 or 3.

This is an over-simplification as quality of backlinks, anchor text used, link-diversity and the like all play a role; but you get the point.

This duplicate content issue is a constant debate and many marketers fear the wrath of Google and smartly err on the side of caution with their article marketing & content creation techniques.

Thus, when they submit articles to dozens of article directories, they submit unique articles.

Whether they take the huge amount of time it takes to rewrite an article a dozen times, higher someone to write their articles or use an article generating software to spin an article, they ultimately want to spread unique content across hundreds of sites.

Another, vastly lazy technique, is to simply take one article and blast it across hundreds of sites in order to increase your backlinks.

This can get you into trouble however, as Google will see hundreds of backlinks to your site all coming from sources of identical content.

That screams of SPAM! I highly recommend not using this lazy approach to marketing as it can get your site in the Google sandbox, which you do NOT want to be in.

Instead, work smarter not harder.

You can easily pay content writers to write articles for you. This can be a very effective way to create unique content as it allows you to spend your time performing other marketing tasks. The big drawback to this method is that it can become rather expensive.

Your alternative is to find a great article generator that can automate the process of spinning articles for you. For a onetime charge of less than $100 dollars, you can have the ability to spin hundreds of articles in minutes.

Basic Benefits of Article Spinning

Opportunity cost – The time it would take you to sit down and write a dozen articles can be done in seconds with spinning software. This frees up your time to concentrate on other marketing activities.

Saves Money – It is far cheaper to employ article marketing software than it is to hire someone to write the same amount of content that can be generated from good spinning software.

Scalability – Having the ability to generate unique content – whether for article marketing or creating multiple websites – using spinning software allows you to grow your online business.

Reduced frustration – No longer having to spend hours to rewrite articles or even create original content from scratch for a new site can reduce your boredom and frustration level.

Trying to make some descent money online is hard enough and spending your weekends doing nothing but writing can take the wind out of your sails.

Hope this shed a little light on what article spinning is.

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