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What Is An Affiliate Marketing Business And How Can You Start One For Free?

What Is An Affiliate Marketing Business And How Can You Start One For Free?

So exactly what is an Affiliate Marketing business, how does one work, how can you earn a full-time income on the internet from it, and how can you start a brand-new online business as an Affiliate Marketer for Free in only 4 steps?

Great questions, my friend!

I will teach you everything you need to know on the topic, and even show you how to get started online with your new money-making biz from scratch.

How does that sound to you?

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a very simple and exciting concept to comprehend, where different sized business organizations operate Affiliate Programs that reward you with a variation of commission payments known as revenue sharing, each time you refer customers who purchase products or services.

The commission percentages, income structures, extra incentives (bonuses) and payment time frames vary from program to program because some:

  • Pay you low-high percentages
  • Pay you one-off commissions for every product sold or monthly recurring revenue for subscription type products or services (Residual Income)
  • Increase your commission percentage levels, and offer you additional bonuses and freebies, based on your performance levels within specific time frames
  • Pay you once a month or every few months

The industry consists of 4 key components:

  1. Merchant – The business organization that owns the products or services.
  2. Network – It contains the products, offers, and also tracks your sales through your own unique Affiliate link as well as making commission payments to you by check, Paypal or bank transfer. 
  3. Publisher – This is YOU, the Affiliate Marketer who recommends and promotes products or services online.
  4. Customer – The one who makes buying.

How Affiliate Marketing Works In a Little More Detail

The basic process and principle of earning money online with your own Affiliate Marketing business is really easy to digest when you study the following diagram below.

The 5 Stage Method Smashed Down:

  1. Your Audience – Your potential customers who are interested in more information on and buying the products or services you’re recommending.
  2. Social Networks & Google – People will either search what they’re looking for on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or either perform searches using the Google search engine.
  3. Your Website – They discover your website.
  4. Make a Purchase – Your visitors will buy your recommendations.
  5. Make Money – You earn money online from everything you sell. KERCHING!!

Being an Affiliate is a massive opportunity to do something new that you love, and many people not only make money online from it, but also become financially free from working only part-time online, which means they are able to ditch their day jobs and live life on their own terms!

Would you also like to achieve financial freedom and have the power to change your own future?

Then your new web based business is right around the corner…

How To Start Your Free Affiliate Marketing Business In 4 Steps

 1: It Starts With An Interest, Hobby Or a Passion

What is the ONE thing that really interests you the most in life? We all have something that gets us excited, motivates and inspires us in our spare time, whether it’s soccer, football, baseball, swimming, arts and crafts, music, finance, interior design, cake decorating, food recipes, weight loss, health and fitness, TV and movies, video games, animals and so on, etc.

The internet currently has 2.8 BILLION users, so whatever your passion is, I guarantee there is the opportunity for you to make a great deal of money online from it.

When you love what you’re doing, online success will follow

So put your thinking cap on!

2: Build Yourself a Free Website

Nowadays, the process of building a website is “child’s play” since you can build a Free SiteRubix website very fast and effortlessly in the space of only 30 seconds! Yeah, really that fast!!

This is the starting point of your new business and is the only real way to succeed as an online business owner.

Your Free website is the platform you need to be able to discuss everything and recommend products that are directly related to your chosen topic of interest.

Get started now with your shiny new website below:

3: Learn To Attract Website Visitors

For this step, you will need a Horse!


Yes, but metaphorically speaking!

To first attract visitors to your website, you will need to have a “horse to pull the cart” because without the necessary pulling power, as in publishing content and learning to implement the most “up-to-date” search engine traffic techniques for an abundance of potential buyers on your website, then you have NO online business and you will fall flat on your face!

OUCH, that will hurt a lot!

So learn to get your website’s content indexed on the 1st pages of the Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines, and you will have a successful online business.

4: Earn Revenue Online

When you have traffic on your website (real people wanting to buy from you), you can start using Free Affiliate Programs to recommend and promote literally hundreds of thousands of different Affiliate products in order to earn an income.

You only need to visit (the world’s biggest and best online shopping portal) to discover the enormous quantity of products there are for people to buy and for you to promote on your website. It’s incredibly mind-blowing!

Once you fully understand how making money online as an Affiliate works, there are far more many ways for you to make money with your website, so we have only just scratched the surface here, buddy!

You are only just a few seconds away from starting up your first very own Free online business, learning how to implement the 4 strategies above, receiving tools, help and support along the way, and building a scalable income that will give you the choices you deserve in life…

If you have any further questions or would like to leave your feedback on starting up an Affiliate Marketing business, then please drop me your thoughts below and I will get back to you.

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