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Wealthy Affiliate Review In 2022

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Read My Wealthy Affiliate Review to Discover Why I Rate It as The World’s number 1 Online Business Building Training Platform & Community!

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Price: $0 To Get Started
Owners: Kyle And Carson
My Overall Rating: 9/10
Who Is It For Novice – Pro

If you’re tired of being scammed on the internet and looking for a Legitimate Affiliate Marketing training program that will show you how to finally build a successful online business and earn you a full-time living, then look no further.

Welcome! I Want To Introduce You To Wealthy Affiliate

I have been a proud member of Wealthy Affiliate (WA) since 2017, and throughout this review, I will be walking you through the numerous benefits of the program from my own perspective.

Two internet marketing legends (Kyle & Carson) developed the unique “all in one” affiliate marketing platform with integrated training, tools, services and a community of people for help & support – (The 4 essentials for constructing a successful online business).

What Do People Love About Wealthy Affiliate?

You are reading this review for a very good reason, and perhaps that is because you want to learn the “real ways that work” to building a successful business on the internet and having the ability to do so!

Without a shadow of a doubt, Wealthy Affiliate will put you on the right track to online success!

But why are people so much in love with Wealthy Affiliate? That’s why I am going to revel this wealthy affiliate review.

Here’s 15 Awesome reasons why:

  1. Getting Started Training (10 Free “Action-Based” Lessons on The Basics)
  2. Certification Courses, Video, Tutorial, and Classroom Training
  3. Affiliate Bootcamp To Help You Earn “Residual Income
  4. Get Live and Verified Webinars
  5. Keyword, Rapid Writer, and Link Tracking Tools
  7. It Is a Real “Pay It Forward” Public
  8. 13+ Classrooms Full to The Brim of Member Interaction
  9. Live HELP & Guidance Around the Clock, 24/7, 365 Days a Year!
  10. 2 – 25 Free Attractive (SiteRubix) WordPress Websites (Depending on Your Membership Level)
  11. Advanced, Secure, and High-Speed Webhosting
  12. Free Email Addresses & Email Forwarding Provided
  13. Access to Online Marketing Experts & Millionaires Who Are Approachable For Help!
  14. SPAM Is Strictly Prohibited Within WA! (Spammers Are Warned and/or Kicked Out)
  15. FREE to Get Started Online (No Credit Card Details Are Required & No Catches Either, EVER!)

What Separates Wealthy Affiliate From Other Programs?

The Wealthy Affiliate training platform is more of a service and a community, rather than an actual product, which is a good thing, in my own experience.

The community as a whole is without question, the best I have ever interacted with by far, and you will develop some strong long-lasting relationships with such a stupendous bunch of highly motivated and inspirational individuals who are on the same wave lengths as you!

One other thing you will love is that Kyle and Carson (the co-founders), take the time out from their busy family schedules to help you if you have questions or are in need of their personal support, and you will even find them “getting stuck into the community” each day, offering further help and support to people just like you.

Is Wealthy Affiliate For You? Let’s Find Out

Whatever level of online business building knowledge and experience you have, whether you’re a complete newbie looking for a starting point or a professional entrepreneur wanting to improve your internet marketing skills, Wealthy Affiliate will cater for YOU!

It doesn’t matter what age you are, where you live or what background you have, whether you’re 18 or 80+ years old, a school leaver, still in college or university, employed full-time or part-time, unemployed or even retired, the training platform is for YOU!

As long as you have a mobile device, a tablet, a laptop or a desk computer with a stable internet connection, you can successfully build a business on the web, anywhere in the world!

Wealthy Affiliate is for ANYONE & EVERYONE who is serious enough about earning an income online!

What Training, Tools & Services Are Available To You?


Within Wealthy Affiliate, the training is fresh, regularly updated and is organized in a simple fashion that’s easy to find.

The training is exceptional and you can expect the following:

  • Live Training Classes Every Week
  • Q & A Sessions
  • Structured Classrooms
  • Active Discussions on different Topics
  • Video & Tutorial Training
  • Action & Task-Based Certification Or Affiliate Bootcamp Courses

Tools & Services

You are equipped with websites, webhosting + keyword research and writing tools to help you hit the ground running with your new business.

You will be granted access to and receive the benefits below:

  • WA’s very own effective keyword research tool
  • SiteRubix WordPress Website (A few mice click and it’s built)
  • Unlimited Webhosting (For Premium members only)
  • Access to a huge amount of WordPress templates
  • Thousands of plugins to choose from for the improved functionality of your site
  • Rapid Writer for quick web content creation

Everything you need for online success, under one roof!

What Work Is Involved At Wealthy Affiliate?

When you become a Free member of Wealthy Affiliate, this can go one of two ways…

Your Passion – Whatever interests you have or whatever you’re passionate about in life, you can successfully create a long-term online business around it. This will be classed as your chosen “Niche” and where your journey will begin. Wealthy Affiliate will confirmation you how!

Affiliate Bootcamp – If you struggle to decide on a niche, that’s OK because Wealthy Affiliate will enroll you into its Affiliate Bootcamp! Basically, this is a series of courses (similar to the Certification courses on your passion) that will help you to earn an income from the “Make Money Online” niche.

Either way, you will learn the basics on setting up an online business and how to progress further, so you generate an income from your efforts.

What Does It Cost You To Become a Community Member?

You have 2 membership options available:

Starter Membership is (FREE) – No Credit Card Required!

With so many scams on the internet, $0 sounds a little too good to be true in most cases, but with Wealthy Affiliate, it is totally 100% Free to become a member, with no credit card required and no strings attached either. You’re free to leave the training platform at any time you wish if it’s not for you, and you still won’t owe Kyle or Carson a single penny!

When you choose the Free membership option, you immediately have access to the community, training modules, classrooms, 2 websites, the keyword research tool, help & support, and a whole bunch of other neat stuff.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium is $47/month or $359/year

This is the “ultimate package membership” option if you’re serious about taking your online business all the way to the top and making enough money online for financial freedom!

One small monthly or annual cost, unlocks EVERYTHING you need at Wealthy Affiliate to become successful, and it saves you from investing all your money, time and effort in to finding and purchasing webhosting, keyword tools, website builders and help from additional resources on the internet!

When you choose the premium membership option at Wealthy Affiliate, I guarantee you will never be sucked in by anymore online scams or have the urge to buy the latest “Guru” product recommendations that don’t work!

More proof of the benefits you receive as a Free or Premium member of (WA)…

7 Good Reasons Why You Should Join The (WA) Community

#1 – Premium (Yearly) Membership Vastly Increases Your Success Rate

Wealthy Affiliate has been knocking around online for nearly a good 11 years, and something has become very transparent within that time frame. The members who make the most progress and experience higher success rates with their online businesses are the people who upgrade to (Yearly) Premium.

When you invest 100% of your effort for a full YEAR, you will succeed online with the training, help and support of the WA community.

 #2 – You Have EVERYTHING You Need To Run a Successful Business

When Kyle and Carson (the co-founders) first started out online, it took them 1 month to build a basic website! With the SiteRubix website builder tool at WA, it will take you under 1 minute to build an Awesome blog!

When the co-founders started out with their online business, they had NO Help & Support, and NO training.

In the WA community, you have the ability to request “live” help on any topic and request website feedback 24/7/365!

The training is current and freshly updated, so you will be learning about all the leading strategies to generate traffic to your website and make money online from your hard work.

There are over 3 BILLION people worldwide who are hooked up to the internet and spending money daily. WA will help you to tap in to that money and earn an income.

 #3 – Nothing Else Comes Remotely Close To The Support At WA

People endlessly search around the internet for help on starting up and building a successful business. It’s a frustrating game when you can’t find the information you want. Especially when there’s a sea of information available to wade through!

STOP looking, my friend! The WA community offers “ALL” the guidance you will ever need! There is no community in the world that offers you friendly live help and support, and allows you to connect with the co-owners, leading internet marketing experts and others who are at the same level as you.

#4 – WordPress Websites To Build Million Dollar Online Businesses

People often underestimate the true power of WA’s SiteRubix (WordPress) blog and hosting platform. The specially “custom” built hosting that is monitored 24/7, and automatic back-ups make your websites the most powerful on the internet!

Also offered is technical website support if ever you have issues with your site, any time of day or night 24/7!

SiteRubix is more than enough to build MILLION Dollar businesses on the internet, and you will never have to fork out additional expenses for hosting and websites ever again because Wealthy Affiliate provides it all!

#5 – The Internet Is Continually Changing. You Need FRESH Training!

Within the community there are literally TENS of THOUSANDS of member interactions created every day. This means FRESH and updated training is available at your disposal, so you can keep in line with internet marketing industry changes.

In fact, WA moves faster than the online marketing world, so you’re always on top of the game! WA is the most current and interactive community on the web, period!

#6 – Online Success Surrounds You, So Pay Attention!

Wherever you look inside the community, you will see success all around you, and there’s no escaping it! No matter how hard you try!

The members who have been a part of the community for up to a good 12 months or a few years are the most successful online Entrepreneurs. Look around, you will find them, and they will help you succeed!

#7 – When You Build Solid Foundations, You Will Create Skyscrapers

When you apply yourself for a whole year, you will build a massive business that will generate a full-time stream of income flowing in to your bank account. Make your foundations strong, and you will shoot for the moon!

My Final Thoughts On Wealthy Affiliate

Do what I did and go for the $0 Free membership option because it’s how I first embarked on my journey with the Wealthy Affiliate community. Trust me on this one, it’s the best decision you will ever make in your life!

However, if the (WA) community utterly sucks, and the training, tools, services, help & support is not up to scratch and fails to deliver, then I give you permission to return to this article and have a good old rant at me!

Once you do become a Free member of the community, I will send you a personal greeting from (neilc) and I want you to promise me one thing…

That you follow Kyle’s step-by-step training and you fully commit to building a long-term successful internet business because I want you to succeed in life and you owe it to yourself!

(WA) At a Quick Glance – Are You Ready to Get Started Online?

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: $0 To Get Started
Owners: Kyle And Carson
My Overall Rating: 9/10

I look forward to working with you, my friend!

To Your Online Success…

If you have your own personal review on Wealthy Affiliate to share, or have any questions and feedback, please post your comments below as I would love to hear your thoughts and give you a reply.

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