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Unlocking Precision Depth Sensing Capabilities with Vzense DS77 Camera

Enter the world of cutting-edge depth sensing technology with Vzense, a renowned industry leader. Introducing their latest innovation, the DS77 camera, Vzense sets a new standard for precise depth measurements. With unrivaled millimeter accuracy and a host of innovative features, the DS77 camera is a prominent product in the realm of depth sensing applications. Join them for their remarkable features and benefits of the Vzense DS77 camera, and discover how it elevates depth sensing capabilities to unprecedented levels.

Unparalleled Depth Accuracy with Vzense DS77

The Vzense DS77 camera leverages Sony DepthSense technology, enabling millimeter-level accuracy in depth measurements. This level of precision is crucial for applications that require highly accurate depth sensing, such as robotics, industrial automation, and augmented reality.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

The DS77 camera boasts VGA resolution and supports a maximum frame rate of 25fps, providing smooth and detailed depth imagery. With its Light Change Adaptability feature, the camera can adapt to varying lighting conditions, ensuring reliable and consistent depth sensing results in dynamic environments.

Seamless Integration and Safety Compliance

Vzense ensures seamless integration of the DS77 camera into existing systems with selectable PoE+ and GbE communication capabilities. Additionally, the DS77 camera adheres to FDA Class I Laser Safety standards, prioritizing user safety and compliance in critical applications.


The Vzense DS77 camera sets a new standard for precision depth sensing. With millimeter accuracy, advanced features, and seamless integration capabilities, the DS77 camera empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of depth sensing applications. Whether it’s robotics, industrial automation, or augmented reality, the DS77 camera delivers reliable and accurate depth measurements, enabling innovative solutions and driving industry advancements.

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