18 Types of Blogs that Make Money

Types of Blogs that Make Money

This blog specialty will support you with finding the types of blogs that make money, combined with examples of sites that bring in cash in every field.

Certain blogging specialties are creative on the grounds that they share two certain qualities.

And you will realize the position of this sector where you will transcribe types of blogs and make money effortlessly.

One thing the massive majority wonder previously (or considerably after) they’ve begun their blog.

They then monetize and monitor the blog type. Trying to brand a sense of what to blog about is a confused procedure! This makes one curious: are there any certain types of blogs that make money.

Absolutely, a few specialties are simpler to scale and benefit from than others.

However, I certainly imagine that practically any kind of blog can bring in cash. Furthermore, as I’ll clarify underneath, it’s not generally about prevalence.

I will define a number of sectors that provide you a big number of money to give you some genuine sections.

Remember that on the off chance that you don’t see your blog specialty on this underprivileged, that doesn’t mean you won’t have the option to adapt your activities!

This is only a beginning spot for you to comprehend what sorts of sites bring in cash with the goal that you can do likewise for your own blog.

Features of the type of blogs that make money

There are two types of blogs that make money. Just see the explanation:

  1. Evergreen Blog
  2. Trending Blog

Evergreen Blog

Evergreen Blog Niche

Evergreen is a material that has a long lifespan and is consistently significant. The content around the evergreen points is often increasingly serious but still, the passion of the people to the theme does not change.

Which is the reason they are to some degree increasingly secure which is created as a fixed method of earning a salary.

The motivation behind why these types of blogs bring money is that they have a more extended life hope. Also, I suggest picking an evergreen specialty.

Instances of the evergreen blog include wellbeing tips (barring prevailing fashion consumes fewer calories), exercise tips, child-rearing tips, cash sparing thoughts thus considerably more.

Trending Blog

trending Blog Niche

Trending Blog is another kind of blog that brings in the cash. Conventional content is a bit more dangerous but can often be less deadly, making it easier to earn a salary in the event that you can discover a slanting point with little competition.

For example, prevailing fashion consumes fewer calories diet (think Keto) or journaling patterns are kinds of blogs that will have shorter life expectancies than evergreen blogs.

That isn’t to state they will have short life expectancies, as a blog in the Keto diet space can be suitable for quite a while, anyhow, these patterns will in general mount and fall in dishonor.

Trading topics are blogged just before the pattern closes, so as to locate a decent slanting point you have to do a lot of examination to discover what is presently on the rise!

Consistently, Pinterest discharges a pattern report that can assist you with recognizing probably the most famous blog subjects for the up and coming season.

How to find a profitable blogging niche

How to find a profitable blogging niche

Now, I am going to several hacks which are the types of blogs that bring money. Today, I am going to discourage incredible tricks to find money-making niches.

Initially, look at the Amazon commission rate:

If you want to select a profitable affiliate blogging niche, the finest thing is to take one of those types that topic has the highest commission rate. those niches are:

Types of Blogs that Make Money

Now that you understand the topics of the two sections of the blog, dive into the kind of blog that helps you finance what niche you want to write!

DIY / craft 

DIY craft

If you are an innovator who can create interesting things, then a DIY blog is definitely a blog that you can start to cash in on.

The way to start an art type blog is to create ideas that will quickly build your crowd again. As with any blog, your immersion in the crowd is extremely significant.

All the crowds fall into the same specialty but both of them tend to be awesome! An effective DIY blog will force the right crowds and make them the material to come back to again and again.

Example of Blogs that Make Money



Human beings will reliably want to understand how to save cash and pay off responsibility.

It’s an evergreen subject that will never become unpopular, and in the event that you are going to give significant understanding to this specialty, you can bring in cash yourself.

You likely won’t have the option to advance some excessive associate items, you can make a rewarding salary from promotions and the traffic immersing your blog.

Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

Another well-known subject that individuals will consistently be looking at is health and fitness, and anything identified with diet and exercise.

As we discussed above, you can decide to cover a niche that is progressively evergreen, or you can wander into prevailing fashion that consumes fewer calories/practices in the event that you need to bring in cash in a less serious specialty (with more danger).

This is a really serious space, however, don’t let that turn you off. Depending on who you are focusing on you can probably advance more costly partner items in this specialty (rather than the accounting specialty).


Every human being loves their pets and are eager to spend any measure of cash on them (I can buy and by a bear witness to this).

The pet specialty is an incredible case of a type of blog that can create huge amounts of salary off partner items on the grounds that truly, every human being is happy to spend too much on their unsure buddies.

Opinions on the Women Delusion Calculator have sparked debate among experts and individuals alike. Critics argue that the tool may perpetuate harmful stereotypes and lead to self-doubt.



I’ve examined that food Blogs are harder to monetize and I accept this on the grounds that many human beings search up plans and don’t put too many resources into the content.

Yet, don’t let that stop you away from firing up a food blog on the off chance that you are energetic about it.

There are numerous food bloggers who have effectively transformed their websites into full-time professions with cookbooks, YouTube channels, and sponsorships.

And still, at the end of the day, you can bring in cash from the advertisements put on your site, so if individuals aren’t actually purchasing from your offshoot joins in the food specialty, you can in any case depend on pay from promotions.



Families are continually searching for individuals to talk about their reality and let them realize they aren’t the only ones in the rarely foolish existence of being a parent.

Child education websites are somewhat evergreen in nature, as in your crowd may change more every now and again than others.

For example, on the off chance that you blog about baby tips, your crowd will be cycling in and out at regular intervals once their babies develop and your tips are not, at this point pertinent.




While this niche is extraordinarily serious, it’s a point that will consistently hold conspiracy.

Business content can discuss the scope of points from web-based life advertising tips to internet business techniques.

There is a wide range of specialties inside the business classification that can gain you cash.

In the event that you are involved in something, business web journals can frequently sell courses, digital books, and training as an approach to adapt.


Sustainable/Green Living 

I accept this point will truly take off inside the following tad.

With the announcement from investigators everywhere the globe that we have to completely realize methods to display vitality, customers are likewise going to be scanning for ways they can change their utilization designs.

The hunt term “maintainable apparel” is one case of a term that is consistently the internal growth has been developing.




Sewing and sewing is a HUGE specialty on Pinterest. It’s no big surprise that you can bring in cash as a specialty blogger.

Ashleigh of Sewrella is a homemaker and knit planner. She utilized her involvement in planning to sew examples to bring in cash with her sewing blog.

She discovered that sewing is a tremendous specialty on the web and she utilized this to assist her with developing her blog.

In the sew specialty of the web, I’ve seen one thing as evident – heaps of individuals stitch, yet not a lot of are distributing new examples and putting out substance.

There is an exceptionally little gathering of knit bloggers out there (invest any energy in Pinterest and you’ll rapidly name a few) overwhelming the market.

Her most recent blog salary report shows that she made over $10,000 with advertisements, subsidiary showcasing and selling her examples on Etsy.


One Way to Life Blog is a widespread blog with an extensive range of points. These web journals typically target one sort of segment – new mothers, school kids, pet darlings. A number of content writers recognize you can’t provide money with a multi-niche blog.

The intellectuality behind that will be remarkable content with one focus niche that addresses one sort of crowd.

In the meantime, where you are only able to converse with them, you can support them with their issues (by elevating items and administrations to support them).

Ashli is one of the highest rank bloggers in this specialty. She is the proprietor of the Million Dollar Mama sites around eight subjects – from plans to blogging to travel and the sky’s the limit from there.

Ashli is a millennial mother at home who wants to blog about being a mother and finding inventive approaches to set aside and make cash.

While she hasn’t posted an ongoing online journal salary report, I do realize that she routinely makes $5000/month JUST from Amazon partner promoting.

Home Decoration

Is your Pinterest feed loaded up with DIY activities and farmhouse stylistic themes? I love taking a gander at pins for DIY activities to improve my home stylistic theme. It’s maybe the top content on Pinterest –the fact that it’s stunning view mammas!

Christy from the Harper House is a mother to three children and began her blog, The Harper House, as an approach to bring in cash (and to share her affection for the plan as well!).

Her blog is loaded up with individual activities, new finds, and inside motivation. Her blog creates $6,000 per month from advertisements and partner promoting.


Fashion and Beauty

This classification has consistently existed, will consistently exist, and in the event that you have a crowd of people, can be strangely beneficial.

At the point when I state “design and magnificence” I’m alluding to tips on what to wear, how to wear it, cosmetics, and everything that goes into how you depict yourself to the world.

Normally, this specialty is well known for females, however, there are likewise some folks out there that are murdering it.

The explanation that this ladder is productive because there are adequate ways to adapt your blog. You can suggest items, do supported substance, sell your own lines, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

people will consistently need to look great, so this specialty isn’t disappearing whenever.

News and Politics

Human beings are involved with their universal environments. They need to have conscious time on whatever’s working on the globe.

Obviously, there are significant news associations out there that help fulfill this fundamental want. In any case, there are many developer online analysts who give their perspective on the news.

There are numerous web journals that have jumped up that give a particular perspective on the news (liberal, traditionalist, and so forth).

With the ascent of internet-based life systems like Facebook, everybody is getting into the news business. For instance, specialty tech sites are breaking genuine stories in the innovation domain.

Quite a while back, this used to be held distinctly for the significant papers, and possibly a few magazines.

Make Money Online

There are huge amounts of ways that you can bring in cash internet, including:

  • Propelling a blog
  • Growing a webcast
  • Beginning a YouTube channel
  • Outsourcing
  • Selling on Amazon
  • Associate advertising

furthermore, a whole lot more.

I would really lump the MMO business under a “profession” or “business” classification. People are watching out for information on the most skillful system to progress their income or display symbols of enhancement effort.

you could hypothetically discuss how to procure pay on the web. Next, it’s an extremely immersed specialty.


Personal development, self-awareness, or self-improvement all represent a certain something… helping individuals see an extreme change in their life!

  • This could include:
  • Passionate dominance
  • Dating and connections
  • Developing Happiness
  • Family
  • and then some.

Normally, writers in this industry are centered around helping peruses connect with who they truly are, so they can set relating objectives and a convincing vision for what’s to come.


Finally, the web has been a blast for engaging substance. Simply take a gander at all of the distributions that have piled on perspectives and publicizing dollars from Facebook.

They get their traffic by promising and conveying key feelings, for example,

  • Funniness
  • Shock
  • Outrage or Outrage
  • Unusual Things or Uniqueness

The way into a decent amusement blog is to be an ace at creating features, thumbnails, and knowing great substance when you see it.


The movement specialty has taken off massively inside the most recent couple of years.

With a developing pattern to work remotely, this specialty isn’t easing back down at any point in the near future. Travel bloggers and influencers can procure a chunk of change by teaming up with brands, for example, inns and other travel industry organizations.

Do Every variety of blogs bring money

Few out of every odd blogging specialty will make you rich, yet your testing will help you recognize the kind of web journals that bring cash. So, you can expand your odds of beginning a beneficial blog.

On the off chance that you are simply hoping to begin a blog, I suggest perusing a portion of my assets that are intended for bloggers who are simply beginning:

What Should I Blog About? This article consummately supplements the one you’re perusing at the present time and it ought to be the following spot you go…

Instructions to Start a Profitable Blog: My bit by bit manual for assisting you with seeing how to fire up a lucrative blog the right way (you’ll need to bookmark this)!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Does independent online blogging bring income?

Individual sites (I likewise prefer to call these “way of life web journals”) can completely bring in cash, as long as you are expounding on the themes that benefit the pursuer.

Keep in mind: your blog needs to tackle an issue for the pursuer and give important data.

Do I have to blog to get cash?

No. I’ve begun different online journals in specialties a long way from blogging and business, and have discovered that they are commonly less serious and simpler to develop in.

Which is the greatest blogging stage to bring money?

There is a wide range of blogging stages, however, WordPress is the best as I would like to think. WordPress represents over 35% of the considerable number of sites on the planet, and one motivation behind why it’s so famous is that:

it’s reasonable (self-facilitating with Site ground begins at just $6.99 every month).

it can develop with you. With WordPress, you can change your site into an eCommerce store, gather leads, have advertisements, and a lot more capacity than you can without much of a stretch extra through modules and another programming.

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