Type Of Learning Management Systems: Unique Advantages, Pricing, And More


LMS is an acronym for a learning management system. A learning management system or LMS is software that allows organizations to host and track learning content. If you are a student or have been a part of an online class, there are chances that you have used an LMS and didn’t even realize it. Learning management software has been around since 1990 and is used by businesses as well as educational institutions these days.

There are 6 different types of LMS serving different purposes, catering to different organizational needs and goals,

  1. Individual LMS vs Enterprise LMS

A small organization in need of specific use of the software can opt for the Individual LMS at an affordable price. It serves from an individual to a small organization. Whereas the Enterprise LMS is built for organizations having 600 or more employees at hand. It serves with built-in customizable features according to the needs of the organization. This one is highly scalable and is customizable for the future needs of the organization.

  1. Commercial LMS vs Free LMS

The Commercial type is one of the most advanced Saas LMS solutions in the market. As these are used by high-end corporates and Educational Institutions these come with the most sizable and customizable ongoing features. While there are a number of free open source SaaS learning systems, the tedious work of deploying makes a setback for the free types. They have a set amount of basic features with them yet are quite manageable for an individual working with strata of 50-60 people.

  1. Licensed LMS vs SaaS LMS

The most preferred solution for an organization that is at a growing stage. Software as a Service LMS can be your go-to solution with a cloud-based server. Licenced LMS proves to be the best in terms of customization and reliability on regular updates. This can be a bit costly on the pocket yet proves to be fruitful in the long run.

  1. On-Premise LMS vs Cloud-Based LMS

The cost of On-Premise is quite high compared to the Cloud-based. The former proves to secure data of a higher priority, not that Cloud-based is not secure. On-Premise may need more than one server for better performance. Cloud-based means installed on off-site servers, helping access mobile devices both online and offline at the leisure of the user. The Cloud one is much more scalable for future challenges.

  1. Integrated LMS

This solution takes into account the existing system of deployment that the organization has been using. Then integrating with the existing systems of an organization makes it opportune for the organization to grow on an established foundation. Of course, the organization may opt-out of the integration process, but the initial efficiency will be affected.

  1. Pre-written CMS vs Built-in Authoring tools

Pre-written CMS may be at certain times confused with the LMS. Yet they are two different faces of the same coin. Although a program can be created and discussed on a CMS platform, it won’t at all be deployed there. The courses were authored prior to the deployment of any LMS. Certain SCORM guidelines are followed by today’s LMS authoring tools to have access to already created content on the prerequisites i.e CMS.


If you want to give anyone online training or learning content, you will be using learning management software to deliver the classes. Saas Learning management systems specialize in not only hosting e-learning but also automating the process of assigning it to users and then tracking and reporting on their progress.

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