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Trollishly: 7 Successful Ways To Market Your Blog On Instagram

In this digitalized world, almost everyone has become a blogger. A blogger regularly writes content on a particular theme and posts it on the internet. Some people blog to earn money and fame. So how do they market their blogs? The simple way is on Social media. Now bloggers note that Instagram is an incredible platform with full-packed community-promoting features. However, starting blogging with a solid Instagram strategy would be great.

Instagram has features that drive your reach like no other than other social media platform. The features include posts, stories, IGTV, Live, Reels, etc., Moreover, if you want to advance your reach organically, you can buy reels views that maximize your visibility. Are you ready to boost the value of your blog? Here are the best ways to promote your blog post on Instagram. Continue reading the article to learn insights on blog marketing on Instagram.

Tips For Bloggers To Market Their Blogs

  1. Trafficking With Links On Bio

The thumb rule on Instagram is to have only one link on your Instagram profile. So with every new blog, it is impossible to change the link on the bio every time. So you should use a link that directs to your blog page. Otherwise, you can use third-party apps to generate a link that includes all your blogs.

  1. Clear CTA

The blogs can be promoted only with blog posts. It can be a video or an image, and even it can be ads too. It is up to the choice of the bloggers. You may add customized buttons, showcase your blog idea in an image, etc. All these small things count a lot of followers on your list. CTA can be included in multiple forms like verbal call-outs, on-screen text, captions, etc.,

  1. Teasers On Instagram Stories

Why need to promote after publishing your blogs? Get started to share your upcoming blog works by releasing teasers. You can link your blog’s homepage on the teaser. Teasers will create anticipation about your blog. Once your blog post is Live, you can create another follow-up story so that your viewers will have a continuation. To make out the best results, you can use the link stickers. You even can highlight your stories on Instagram. These highlights will appear right below the Instagram profile, giving you more chances for high visibility among your followers.

  1. Networking With Other Bloggers

A strong community and its management on Instagram are pretty enough to grow your blog post. Search for accounts, influencers, and bloggers who align with your interest. Discuss and interact with them by commenting, sharing, and liking their blogs. You may get varied ideas when you follow your peers. Feel free to connect with them and grab the opportunities available.

  1. Use Fascinating Images And Videos

Unless you give the viewers a great first impression, they won’t remember you better. So invest your time in creative elements like high-quality images relevant to your blogs. You need to source videos, graphics, and pictures that will help you gain the traction of the audience. If you are seeking a great way of engagement, you can try to use Trollishly and stay ahead of the curve.

  1. Be On Your Theme

Stay unique with your theme. Accentuate your blog post by sharing behind-the-scenes of the blog writing and editing. When a viewer opens up on your Instagram page, within seconds, they need to identify which niche blogger you are. Streamline your blog posts in such a manner to stand out from everyone else. Including human elements always gains the trust and loyalty of an Instagram account.

  1. Post A Screenshot

The artistic themes don’t get people to your blog when posting for blogs. But with the elegancy you provide your posts, they might convince viewers to follow your site. After every blog you have posted, take a screenshot and post it on Instagram. You can photoshop the picture with varied elements and show your professionalism to the audience. The screenshot you post should be interesting enough to make people get directed to the blog link.

Final Thoughts

As a general criterion, consistency is also essential on Instagram. If it is not, then your followers will gradually lose interest in your blog posts. Apart from that, the blog topics should also be quite informative and enticing. Bloggers should maintain a schedule and calendar to be better consistent. It is better to sit, plan, and prepare for blog posts. Instagram will give you fantastic value every time. Also, keep track of what best work for your blog posts. You can try using Trollishly and shall reach your target audience. Soon your blog readership will increase in numbers. If you found this helpful article, leave your comments below! Thanks for reading!

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