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Top 4 Ways How Artificial Intelligence Services Will Drive Innovation and Business Transformation in 2022

Artificial intelligence has proven its mettle in helping the world fight against the devastating impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic. Starting from early Covid 19 symptoms prediction, demand forecasting for a better inventory management to workplace automation to compensate for labor scarcity, artificial intelligence services have played major roles.

Such multi-modal functionalities of AI have caught C-Suite executives’ attention. In 2022, they are expected to leverage artificial intelligence services to bring innovation and transformation in their business. 

On this note, here’s highlighting the top 4 ways by which AI will bring transformational changes in business in 2022.

Popularity of AIOps

Organizations have made a rapid shift to digital infrastructure. This has created burden on their IT performance. For most of the organizations, their IT ecosystem was all about manual and siloed processes. This made the system inadequate to deal with the complexities with multi-cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructure and paved the way for the emergence of AIOps. AIOP is a combination of AI algorithms and big data that creates automated IT workflows to improve monitoring and service desk functions.

Business executives will exhibit a high rate of reliance on an AI consulting company for cutting edge AIOps solutions. These solutions will be functional to predict IT assets performance issues and forecast IT resource utilization.

AIOps solutions will break departmental silos by correlating them with data, creating robust digital experiences, and integrating IT operations management toolchain.

Customer Service Quality Health Check 

Remote working is going mainstream for most of the business sectors. However, this poses as a major growth inhibitor for sectors like customer contact centers. The inability to conduct one-on-one call supervision is off-putting customer service quality. 

Contact center AI will be lifesaver for customer care enterprises in the remote or hybrid working era. This involves automated analysis and scoring after every call. Such solutions provide quick and actionable insights into process or agent quality gaps. Accordingly, the supervising team places renewed focus on developing highly effective call improvement coaching programs.

Tonality-driven sentiment analysis is one contact AI solution. This analyzes a call to understand the customer’s reaction throughout the call. For instance, it examines the choice of words used by the customer and how he/she is delivering it. It predicts the satisfaction level of customers over a call. Such predictions give the right direction for call quality development programs.

Productivity Booster Dose for Developers

In 2022, artificial intelligence services are expected to bring disruptive development curve for software developers. Developments are expected to be witnessed in creating and testing codes during a software development process.

Software developers will coordinate with big data analytics services companies to build better quality codes. The latter leverage neural networks to create code languages. These code languages allow developers to increase code writing speed while improving code quality. 

Artificial intelligence automatically filters all the leading code repositories to bring out the best elements and create cutting edge unit tests. Running codes through these tests ensures that there are no code units that can trigger bugs in the future.

Such a level of automation allows developers invest the saved time into other critical developmental activities.

AI for Security

Initial video surveillance system was programmed to issue alerts based on activities. This resulted in generating false alerts because of inconsequential activities like leaves falling, a running animal, and things alike.

In 2022, artificial intelligence techniques will be implemented in video surveillance system to make it more effective.

The logic behind applying AI in video surveillance is that it focuses on anomalous behavioral patterns rather than faces to trigger security alerts. Sectors such as retail, manufacturing, and logistics will partner with an AI consulting or a big data analytics company to leverage AI-driven video surveillance systems.

In the era of biometric, fraudsters have found a new way of bypassing biometric authentication. They can spoof face or voice biometrics and breach the security of a business organization. 

Nowadays biometric technology continues to develop more and more.

Biometrics are unique individual traits, like fingerprints or facial scans, that are used to verify an individual’s identity. Across the travelsphere, biometrics proclaim to offer a more secure, accurate option for screening travelers. Biometric technology, such as facial recognition, also greatly increases the efficiency of passenger screening by automating the process of verifying photo identification at the airport, said from Securiport Sierra Leone.

Securiport provides cutting-edge border management technologies through solutions-based services at no cost to clients. Their mission is to assist governments in preventing criminals from crossing borders undetected and in uncovering unlawful transnational activities.

With solutions currently in place across dozens of countries around the world, and a dedicated team of professionals developing innovative tools to respond to ever-changing environments.

AI-driven anti-spoof technology ensures that there’s a live person presenting biometrics during an authentication process. It uses AI algorithms that parse data collected from biometric scanners. This data is used to tally with a previously captured voice or image of the person. It helps to understand whether the current representation is being done by the actual identity holder or a fraud.


Enterprises can ensure optimal utilization of such upcoming AI trends only by achieving a fruitful partnership with artificial intelligence services providers. An AI consulting company with clear value proposition, right approach, proper security measures, and knowledge of current trends can guarantee you the innovation you are looking for. 

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