TikTok tips for high ROI

Do you want to learn how to dominate TikTok? We have crafted top-tier tips for marketing campaigns that deliver high ROI.

Reposts to other social networks

When you share your video on other social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, views increase on the parent platform as well. TikTok especially likes mentions on external Internet sites, fully supporting such advertising. Indeed, outside the youth social network, the video is embedded directly with the logo of the TikTok platform.

Video Uniqueness

Non-unique videos, and especially videos with logos and watermarks of other mobile applications, will not only not fall into the recommendations of TikTok, but with a high degree of probability they can be filtered by the social network, losing potential views. Naturally, this will negatively affect your profile. Instant TikTok views come exactly from unique video ideas.

Participation in challenges

By participating in various challenges, you increase your chances of getting into TikTok recommendations. Most importantly, do not forget to use the right hashtag. By the way, it is better to refuse hashtags #foryou, #forU altogether, they do not work. The best hashtag is the one that most accurately conveys the theme and essence of the video. Also allow other users to recommend your video.

Collaboration with other tiktokers will also bear fruit, however, a beginner should not turn to well-known bloggers who already have a large subscriber base. Choose a partner of “equal strength” with a similar number of followers. Both of you will benefit from such cooperation.

The ability to intrigue and keep in suspense

Popular tiktokers, no matter how short the video is, can keep you in suspense and keep intrigue until the last second. In order for the video to become popular, you need to come up with a good story line that will hook you from the first two or three seconds, and end the video in some unusual way.

Of course, it all depends on the quality of the video, and these two rules do not guarantee you will be included in the recommendations, but the chance is quite high. Especially if you take as a basis the current topic that is on everyone’s lips and wrap it in a beautiful wrapper.

Uniqueness and individuality

No matter how popular your idol is, you don’t need to imitate him and try to copy behavior, facial expressions, or appearance. All of them are unique and somehow attractive to their audience, for which they are loved.

Video reupload, replays

Even if you have made minimal changes to the video, you can re-upload it and get new views. You should not abuse this, especially if you are not sure that the changes made will positively affect the popularity of the video.

As for repeat views, this is the first thing that the social network algorithm pays attention to. Popular videos have a very high repeat view rate. The more often the same user views a particular video, the more actively TikTok will promote it.

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