The places on Android for you to read the best light novel in 2022

In the past there were so many ways for people to relax after their long hard working hours such as hanging out with friends, listening to music, especially reading novels. However, the way people read is changing over time. If they read physical novel before, now they can read novels online anywhere and anytime they want. With many platforms, a lot of genres are updated based on the user’s favorite. You can find whatever genres, authors or novels that you want by typing their name on the search function. With our experience and our thorough research, we provide you with the top 7 novel websites that you can read online on your phone:

  • Wattpad

Wattpad is not a strange name to the truly novel readers. Wattpad is known as one of the websites with a long history and is a highly rated website. Wattpad provides a large variety of novels that you can find any novel you need. In addition, Wattpad also publishes many genres suitable for each audience.


Free novel specializes in providing novel updates with a bit of magic mixed with fantasy. Freenovel offers more than 100 thousand novels in different genres. When reading, you can manually adjust the font and background color to your liking. With free novel, your reading experience will be improved like never before.


Readfreecomics is like a colorful online novel, manhua, manhwa, webtoons. With Readfreecomics, you can find every genre you need or every novel you want. In particular, Readfreecomics also offers LGBT+ genres. Readfreecomics also publishes titles with fantasy or reincarnation romance content. Just imagine, after a long day at work, you come home and enjoy your favorite free novels on Readfreecomics, that would be amazing. Overall, readfreecomics is a great manhua website.

  • is a great platform to read webtoons, manhwa, manhua, light novel and it is also an ideal place for people who have dreams of becoming writers. Readers can experience great novels, manhwa, webtoon for free. Writers can publish their novels online and can receive comments directly from readers.


Check out because it is very engaging and takes up all your time. is a really cool webtoon website. is like its name, it offers titles in English and webtoon titles from the UK. provides  a wide range of genres manhwa, webtoons, manhua and free novels with engaging content.


Like its name suggests, Manytoon specializes in providing manhwa, webtoons, romantic and poetic novels. Coming to Dreame, readers will surely be satisfied with the novels that Manytoon provides. There are many genres and a large volume of free manhwa and light novels.


Topwebtoons is really a great app to use before going to bed. You can read a few novels before going to bed. Topwebtoons will probably hesitate because they don’t know if the stories here are free, so don’t worry, topwebtoons is completely free. Topwebtoons has a huge collection of free manhwa, webtoons, novels along with a wide variety of genres. In addition, Topwebtoons is also quite famous for a series of blockbuster and action stories.

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