The Most Detailed Instructions on How to Predict the Dragon and Tiger 2024

How to predict Dragon Tiger is considered an important strategy when players participate in this game. When you have this skill, proficiency plus luck can be the fastest path to prizes. So let’s learn and explore this method of prediction in more detail with Trang chủ Hi88.

Learn briefly about the game Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger, also known as Dragon – Tiger, is a betting game using a 52-card deck of cards, originating from Cambodia and quickly becoming popular in online casinos. This game is defeated or won based on the value of the cards, where the hand with the card of greater value wins.

Many people believe that Dragon Tiger has significant similarities with Baccarat. Because it is suitable for all participants.

Before exploring How to predict Dragon Tiger, you should also learn about online games. Dragon Tiger online has been developed on the basis of tradition, but combined with modern internet technology.

Besides, when participating in online betting at Hi112, the chance of winning is higher than the traditional way of playing. New Defense can also be experienced vividly, just like participating in a real casino.

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The most detailed instructions on how to spot Dragon and Tiger for newbies

There are a variety of different methods for predicting the outcome of the Dragon Tiger game, each of which offers special advantages and disadvantages. Below are some detailed betting methods:

How to predict 1-1

This is one of the very popular methods used by professionals in casinos today. How to predict Dragon Tiger This is very simple: if the result of the previous game was Dragon, then the next game will be Tiger, and then again it will be Dragon and Tiger alternating. The results continued like this for a series of games.

How to predict Dragon and Tiger in the form of a flat bridge

When continuously seeing the results being Dragon or Tiger in many games, players will often continue to bet according to this trend. This method is used by many newcomers because it does not require experience or special strategies. Just bet according to the current pattern,Friend have a high chance of winning.

Prediction according to amplitude style

An important thing to remember when betting is that the ratio between two options is not always 50-50. In some cases, one option may hold a 55:45 or 60:40 advantage. How to predict Dragon Tiger This is called the tilted Dragon and Tiger analysis method. And your task is to bet on the dominant choice.

Compare with how to break the bridge

The method of breaking the bridge is the opposite of looking at the string. When a player detects that a sequence of bridges is too long, the odds of its subsequent appearance can be reduced. In How to predict Dragon Tiger This, if you discover many consecutive games with the same result, you will immediately break the bridge. Although it seems risky, this method is very effective and widely used by experts.

Prediction in 2:2 style

In How to predict Dragon Tiger 2:2, the basic principle is no different from the 1:1 method mentioned above. After every two games with a Dragon result, it is predicted that the next two games will result in a Tiger. Usually a 2:2 sequence will not last as long as a 1:1 sequence.

On reputable Dragon Tiger playing platforms, 2:2 series usually only last about 5 to 8 games. Therefore, when you discover this chain, you should quickly bet so as not to miss the opportunity.

In addition, recognizing the 2:2 Dragon Tiger sequence is not as easy as in the case of the 1:1 sequence. However, if you can spot and keep up with this streak, it’s likely you’ll get great rewards while playing.

Things to keep in mind when doing Dragon Tiger prediction

When beginners want to implement this method, you need to clearly understand its rules and important points. Below are detailed points that you must keep in mind while implementing:

  • Over-reliance on one screening method can lead to unexpected results. Instead, players should consider and combine many different methods to increase their chances of success in predicting the outcome.
  • Avoid betting too large an amount of money on one match. Splitting the bet amount will help reduce pressure and risk during play.
  • A strong mentality is an important factor when participating in the game. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the emotions of winning or losing. Instead, stay optimistic and patient, and learn from each loss to improve your skills and abilities How to predict Dragon Tiger


Above is a summary of these How to predict Dragon Tiger The most effective we would like to introduce. Hopefully the above information will help you when playing this game at Hi88.

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