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Target affiliate program review | Full case study 

Target affiliate program review | Full case study 

Are you interested in the target affiliate program?

Then, before started to know about the target affiliate program review, you have to understand target affiliate marketing.

Do you have a previous idea about the target or have you listened before about the target?

This is the biggest online business sector in this world. Nowadays, maximum affiliates link amazon and the eBay marketing sector.

But you should try to start the target affiliate program. During the time of writing, the target is handling a lot of stores across the United States.

You can earn commissions by promoting the product as an affiliate. In this sector, everything is open for the site owners and bloggers.

target affiliate review
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How can you join the target affiliate programs?

join the target affiliate programs

If you want to join as an affiliate then you have to go to the sign-up page and fill in those details that they required and submit that form. Like, we are using several kinds of affiliate programs which is really beneficial, if you want to start then you can go to that particular affiliate program’s page and signup.

If you don’t have an account; firstly, you have to register.

So, would like to become a target affiliate?

Let’s go and see this sector so that you can easily utilize your time and energy.

How can you promote Target?

The most important thing is the banners. you will get permission to place your banners. Remember, you can easily place those banners on your website and text.

If you want to earn more revenue, you have to have the patience to refer more and more.

What can you promote as a target affiliate?

Being an affiliate, Products is the most important thing. Let’s see what type of products are available for your business in the marketplace.

Home and general products are the most profitable niche for you, I believe that you can guess easily.

If you are looking for an amazing and most profitable niche in 2020 then you can check this post. Make sure you can get your type of niche here.

Some Top category:

  • Clothing (shoes and accessories)
  • Electronic and entertainment
  • Baby product
  • Health & beauty
  • Home &kitchen appliance
  • Fashion
  • Video games
  • Gardening tool
  • Fishing gear

And so on.

Whatever you are going to select for your business no matter, just promote those things which are available on the marketplace.

Just remember that these are physical tools. So, you should not find any online software to promote.

Target Affiliate Structure

Target Affiliate Structure
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As an affiliate, you need to know about the commission rate. Your commission rate will be 1% TO 10% BUT It’s depending on your product.

For beauty products 1%.

Don’t you think this is a minor income to you?

So, if you promote beauty products then you should join the amazon affiliate program. Because they will give you a 4% commission.

Moreover, if your product is including the home category then you will get an 8% commission.

Physical goods are extremely valuable because of commission rates. In this category, you can get more than 10% commission.

Just to compare, here are other online stores similar to the offer as a target in the structure of the commission.

The Best Features of Target affiliate Program

A huge range of products


For promoting products on your website, the target has a ton of products and we can say the target is one kind of store and all affiliates can join with these stores.

And start their business. No matter which type of niche they really love.

However, I’ve mentioned earlier, just four categories can earn a commission very much.

7-day tracking with an attractive bonus

Up to 24 hours of follow-up on Amazon, the Goal Support program includes the following 7-day performances in all support links. This indicates that you have a much more significant chance of getting a commission from the purchase!

Also, This Affiliate program has an extremely fascinating bonus. You can earn commission during those 7 days, also you will get paid on your first purchase.

For example, suppose someone clicks on your link today. Tomorrow, they will buy according to your advice.

Three days later, they chose to buy one more on the target site. You will get a commission, for the purchase of the principal as well as for the second!

Creative Option for Advertising

If you are doing a target affiliate program then you need to know that they offer several types of ad materials.

Like, widgets, banners, and so on. you can use every kind of banners because there are 150+ banners for you.

Also, you need to know their algorithm which is constantly updated by them. For this reason, you can keep updating your sale, products, promotions.

Also, you will find different size banners which can be a beneficial thing for you. The most important thing is, what type of banner you want to show on your website, it’s your decision.

The Ups and Down of Affiliate marketing


Normal commission percentage: If you are thinking about the high amount then you need to know, commission rate might be not high but you can get an average commission.

Dedicated authorized management team: If you want to get something beneficial then take them directly to the dedicated team of the target and you will get a direct comeback.

A variety of products to promote: You can find the maximum topic which you can fit in the target affiliate program.

Reliable brand: The target program is well known in the United States. This will help you to increase your conversion amount while inspiring people to buy from spaces you already know and believe in.

Easy signup for several websites: If you are doing affiliate marketing and link with various websites, it is really easy to start this business. Just before start marketing you should list those websites and wait for the approval.

Various purchase commissions: If someone clicks on your link and buys something. you will get a commission from all purchase’s product within 7 days.


Some departments have terrible (or non-existent) commissions. For example, in health and beauty, there is only a 1% commission, in many other departments, no commission can be earned at all.

The conversion rate is lower than Amazon. Amazon leads the online business market. Since Target is better known as a brick-and-mortar store, your conversion rates will probably be lower with them.

The program is gone with the impact radius. Whether you are now following the Impact Radius can be a master or a con, depending.

Must be integrated into a US market. Although the program allows sites of different nationalities, their content must be aimed at the U.S. public, since the target is a U.S. store.

Who can really benefit from using the Target Affiliate Program?

So, is the Target Approved Session program really a viable alternative to Amazon Associates? Who can benefit by changing over?

Commission Comparison

commission comparison

Would you like to join any program which will provide you handsome commission? So, you should compare these two sites.

On amazon, there have several types of products and apparel & accessory products have a 7% commission.

On the affiliate sites, if you get 300 to 100 sales every month in this category then you are able to earn the same as amazon.

On the other hand, if you get over 10,000 sales then you can earn an 8% commission rate.

On amazon, from every home item, you can earn an 8% commission, also, outdoor products commission is 5.5% with target affiliation.

Overall, we can say that you can earn 5% to 8% commission from everywhere.

Moreover, the most significant category is baby products, they reduce their commission rate by 4.5% in this category. But in the target affiliation, you can earn more than 5%.

The most important thing is the health and beauty category where you can earn 4.5% to 10% commission with amazon associates.

On the other hand, the target affiliate program will give you a 1% commission just for this category. No matter how much sales you do.

How to join the target’s affiliate program?

If you want to join this affiliate program, I must say that it is extremely easy.

You just have to do that, you will go to the target affiliate program sign-up page then start filling in the details of what they need.

You have to need an ideal website so that you can join without hassles.  Remember, if you don’t have any website, that means this is not the right time to join any affiliate program for you.

Target’s affiliate cookie length

Route Target (along with other member programs) can track your traffic and pay you commissions by using

Whenever you direct traffic to a target using your authorized link, they are recorded and marked as having sent you using their cookie, and you will only receive credit for the sale if, at the time of purchase, your cookie is registered with the customer.

Cookies, however, do not last forever but give up to 7 days to sell targets and qualify for commission.

If you think this is very short, but originality is: not really short. The most important thing is amazon will provide you just 24 hours for example.

just be sure that are you providing you link to your highly targeted buyers. Because 7 days is very much enough for a person to decide what they want to buy.

If you are following these criteria then 7 days is more than enough to get a handsome income with target affiliation.

How Much Money Can you make promoting the target?

If your commission rate is 8% then I can say that you are going to earn pretty good money. You will just send your visitors to target products through your link.

If you are able to control a site that has pretty good traffic then I can sure that you are making a super income from your website every month.

Any Alternative to a target affiliate program

Any Alternative to a target affiliate program

Yeah! there are various affiliate programs existing that are like target affiliation. The most common and valuable that come to my mind are BestBuy, Amazon, Walmart, and so on. These companies are carrying the same types of products.

These are the most similar because their commission rate quite similar and they provide the same customer service also.

Amazon is also a great opportunity and Amazon also has a huge brand behind it but the 4% commission rate is slightly lower than the target.

If you want you can join all programs at a time.

If you want you can join various affiliate programs because there are no limitations. But you need to know about the best affiliate programs which will give you the best commission rate.

Do I recommend target as an affiliate option?

Yes, I do, according to me they are extremely amazing and I believe that you will get a lot of opportunities to promote products.

Should you become a target affiliate?

If your niche is great to promote then you should become an affiliate. Because you can join any kind of program without cost and you will get a great commission from here.

Over time, I have seen targets and other big-box retailers focus more on online sales so I’m sure this program will get better and better from here on out.

My point is here:


Your goal logic should be considered if the approved program changes:

  • per month 10,000 sales.
  • focus category should be apparel, outdoors, baby products, accessories.
  • Audience from the U.S.A

If you do not consider changes to the target affiliate program:

  • You don’t notice many deals every month.
  • Your feature is not one of the tempting classifications previously described.
  • Your crowd is not located in the United States.

obviously, every affiliate must think about his or her own personal situation. If you are staying in a minor commission category in amazon or another affiliate program.

Also, earning a lower number of amounts from per month sales. Then you should consider target affiliation. If you move on to the target then it can the smartest decision.

Final thought

You should join the target affiliate program so that you can earn a good amount of money. You can start this affiliate program from your blog site and get a lot of us traffic which will give you more money.

If you are an affiliate then share your experience with me in the below comment section.

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