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Streamlining DNA Sequencing: GeneMind’s MrLH-96 Automated Workstation

GeneMind Biosciences introduces the MrLH-96 automated workstation, an advanced automated workstation that revolutionizes DNA sequencing. With GeneMind cutting-edge automation capabilities, seamless integration with laboratory information management systems (LIMS), and precise temperature control, this workstation enhances efficiency and accuracy in DNA sequencing workflows.

Advanced Automation for Efficient DNA Sequencing

GeneMind’s MrLH-96 Automated Workstation combines high-throughput acid extraction and NGS library preparation, significantly reducing manual intervention. The workstation features a specially designed consumable stacking system, enabling full automation and eliminating the need for constant reagent and consumable additions. This breakthrough technology optimizes workflow efficiency, reduces manpower requirements, and boosts overall productivity.

Seamless Integration with LIMS System

Efficient data management is crucial in DNA sequencing projects. GeneMind’s MrLH-96 Automated Workstation simplifies the process by offering seamless integration with LIMS systems. The workstation incorporates automatic code scanning, enabling easy and accurate data transfer between the workstation and the LIMS system. Software database integration ensures a streamlined workflow, enhancing data management and traceability throughout the sequencing process.

Precise Temperature Control for Optimal Performance

Temperature control plays a vital role in DNA sequencing to ensure optimal performance and reproducibility. GeneMind’s MrLH-96 Automated Workstation is designed to be compatible with the Inheco Temperature Control Module. This integration allows for accurate temperature control within the range of 4~70°C, making it an ideal match for the NGS hybridization capture process. Researchers can rely on the workstation’s precise temperature control to achieve consistent and high-quality sequencing results.


GeneMind’s MrLH-96 Automated Workstation sets a new standard in DNA sequencing. Its advanced automation capabilities, seamless integration with LIMS systems, and precise temperature control provide researchers with a powerful tool to streamline their DNA sequencing workflows. With GeneMind’s commitment to innovation and excellence, scientists can achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and productivity in their DNA sequencing endeavors, driving advancements in genetic research and applications.

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