How to start a sports blog In 2021

How to start a sports blog

Do you have any interest to start a sports blog?

If I say something about sports blog then I have to say that this is an amazing way to share your passion with the whole world and communicate with those people who really love sports like you.

There are millions of topics to start a sports blog. For example: Keeping track of stats, your favorite team, clubs, their performance, players, their strategies, equipment, and so on.

But the most important thing is that you should not be passionate about a specific team or sports. In every blog, you have to put something fascinating which will attract the targeted audience.

In this article, I am going to talk about how to start a sports blog that everyone gets benefit from and who loves sports like you.

How to create sports blogs

If you really want to start a sports blog; just follow these guidelines, it will help you to understand blogging.

Select your niche

Initially, you have to choose your blog niche, I think this is the first step in your blogging journey. Your blog should be readable so that your readers can attract it. And more followers and readers will engage with your blog.

The most significant thing is that you have to select those types of topics that you are passionate about. Also, you have deeper knowledge about that topic. Also, you have to understand that you can write lots of topics on that particular niche.

Decide your blog name

You have to know what will be your main niche then you should decide your blog name which should be SEO friendly.

But remember one thing, your domain name should be easy to remember and easy to spell.

You can get closely brand name about your topic, but you won’t get exact name. If you are going to buy domain about your niche then remember don’t take a specific name.

For example: If you want to start a football blog and you decided that your blog brand name should be “my football stories” then it can be restrictive for you.

Because you cannot add another topic on that particular website. So, remember your name should be big and expand.

Select best Platform

Select best Platform

There are several types of blogging platforms but everyone is not good for your blog. You have to choose your site where you want to make your blog.

You will find a lot of platform like WIX, blogger, SiteRubix, yahoo and so on.

according to the world blogging statistic, is the top platform. Why should you select WordPress? I am going to share a few reasons:

  • You can download it free and easy to use.
  • WordPress empowers more than 30% of websites online.
  • There are thousands of free and premium themes that you can buy for at least $ 50 that permit you to make a good-looking website without knowing how to code.
  • You can extend the basic functionality of WordPress with free and premium plugins. Plugins are like third-party ads and if you want you can use those plugins. Also, you can add social sharing buttons, contact forms, payment or donation forms, membership sites, and more.

In other words, when you choose WordPress, you choose a platform that can grow with your blog and is used by some of the most popular websites on the Internet.

Purchase domain and hosting

purchase a domain

Your next step is that you have to purchase a domain name as a brand name for your website. Also, you have to buy a hosting service package.

without hosting your blog won’t come in front of your readers and your viewers cannot find your website online. You can buy both together.

purchase a hosting

If you want to buy a hosting package then the cheaper pack is 10 dollars a month. and a domain name, you will get 15 dollars.

It will depend on you, what type of pack you want to take. The few best hosting companies are siteground, Namecheap, Bluehost, iPage, and so on.

Install WordPress

install wordpress

After purchasing domain and hosting package, your next step will be installing WordPress.

Fortunately, maximum hosting companies have fast installation method or you can say one click install.

  • Your domain and hosting information will provide in your email. They will provide you cPanel account and access to your panel.
  • Enter your cPanel and use username and password
  • find software to install one-click WordPress and install.
  • Enter your site title, ideal username, and a solid password
  • Click to complete installation
  • You will get a notice that WordPress has been installed. You can then login to your WordPress dashboard and set up your blog.

Install a theme

install theme

After installing WordPress, It’s time to select a perfect theme for your blog site. A great theme will say how to look at your blog and there you will find a ton of free themes.

After installing the theme on your WordPress blog, go to your dashboard> themes> Add new. Here you can set up all your themes.

Then you can find a good theme that you love. According to me, Rookie theme is the most valuable for your sports blog. If you want you can search for this theme and install it.

After installing the theme, just click on the active button. Then you can go theme setting and customize your theme.

If you want you can change color, front, image, header, border, sidebar, everything you can customize.

Install plugins

install plugin

For your blog site, you need some plugins. Contact form is one of those themes, I believe that this is one of the best ideas to use this theme for your readers. So that they easily connect with you.

Some plugins you need to install:

  • One of the most valuable plugins is the social media sharing plugin. For this plugin, your visitors can share your article or content on social media.
  • Sucuri is a security plugin that will keep your website safe from hackers and cheaters.
  • For organic traffic, SEO plugins are very much important. I recommend that SEO Yoast and Rank math is on the best SEO plugins. You can use these plugins to optimize your post for search engines.

If your strategy to post about games and want to share game information or player statistics, you should install the Sportspress plugin. If you want you can download it for free and turn your blog into a specialized sports blog.

Create and Publish you Page

create your first page

It’s a really important step to publish your page. You have to create your pages and publish those pages properly.

Remember, you have to have a contact page so that readers can communicate with you. Also, you have to have about us page so that people can know about you.

If you want to create a new page then you have to go to the page section then click add new.

Afterwards, give title or name on that particular page then put content on that page. After completing this process just click on the publish button, and you will be live on your site.

Publish your first blog post

create your first post

After completing all the processes just publish your first post on your side. If you want to create a post on your site then you have to go to the post section then Add New section.

Before you create your page, post is the same. you have to create all posts like you have created pages.

Keep Going

Now your blog is on. You have to create lots of valuable content and customize those posts perfectly. The most important thing is that add some value to your content so that visitors can get benefit from this site.

What Content do sports bloggers create?

First of all, think about your visitors and readers. As a blogger what they are expecting from you.

In other words, if your blog niche is about football, don’t make this kind of biggest faults – writing about other sports about it will established them up thoughtful they are on the exact place and will not come back in the end.


How do sports bloggers make money?

In sports blog, bloggers can make money in several ways, Such as:

  • Selling products
  • Google AdSense
  • Promoting scholarship Package
  • Advertising any program
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Membership program
  • Sponsored post
  • Product review

How do you become a sports blogger?

If you follow this post up to bottom then I must say that you can start you own sports blog. So, follow this blogpost and apply on your blog.

Are Sports Blogs Profitable?

Yeah! but remember one thing, Not every sports blog is profitable. If you want to generate money with blogging then you can do it easily if you want. But you need to know the strategy. Just research what type of sports will give you more money choose those niches right away and start your journey.

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