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Best Web Hosting SiteGround Affiliate Program Review In 2021

SiteGround Affiliate Program Review

Are you looking for a great affiliate program that will give you tons of money?

then you are in the right place, Today, I am going to do siteGround affiliate program review.

As you know affiliate marketing is the best way to generate money even though if you don’t have any blog site or website.

You can easily earn money without any website. I have discussed the best web hosting affiliate program, if you have any niche site then you can join those affiliate programs.

SiteGround hosting affiliate program is one of those hosting servers. And in those posts, I am going to review this company.

And the important thing is that I am one of those people who really love to discuss the pros and cons of the items which can be beneficial for all readers.

that’s why, today, I am going to do a siteGround affiliate program review.

How to Join the SiteGround Affiliate Program

siteground afffiliate program

If you want to join the siteGround program, then you should follow these steps:

  • Visit this program.
  • Click affiliates.
  • Click on the “join now”.
  • Fill in all the registration information.

SiteGround affiliate program pros

If I say something about siteground affiliate program then I must say It has plenty of pros which is extremely attractive.

For that reason, this is one of the best hosting affiliate programs. So, let’s discuss the pros:

High conversion rate

The most important thing you should keep in mind when choosing this affiliate program is that if you get more sales you will get more money.

Siteground is the most popular web hosting company for their WordPress hosting services and general services.

High Commission Rates

siteground affiliate commission

If you refer any customer then siteground will provide you $50 and you will get paid $125 per sale. and the amazing thing is that if you refer more than 21+ then you can make a high commission.

So, if you refer daily 1 customer then your earning will be $30x$125= $3750 monthly. Here is the conversion rate:

Now, think about how much you can from this affiliate program.

Short withhold period

If you want to know the hosting commission withhold period then you will be happy to know that the siteground hosting affiliate program provides your commission within 30 days but all hosting’s period is 45 days.

After your commission, you will get directly to your bank account.

Commissions paid Weekly

The most important thing is that you need to know, Siteground is the only hosting company that pays a commission every week.

No minimum monthly sales required

Some hosting company has a requirement to make a specific number of sale but here you don’t have any requirement. If you get a single sale then you will get paid for your sale.

SiteGround affiliate program cons

If I say something about their cons then I have to say that they have no cons except high prices.

But you can promote their plans and generate income amazingly. Because as you know they have a high reputation.

FAQ for SiteGround Affiliate program

How do you increase sales as a siteground affiliate?

If you want to increase your sales, the main way is to show information. The most important thing is to drive more traffic and increase your income.

You can get traffic from social media if you want. These are the most important elements to increase your traffic.

What are the Affiliate commissions for siteground?

Sitegrounds offer $50 to $100 per sale. Also, you can get a custom commission which you can increase by Approximately $150+.

Are there any other good hosting Affiliate programs?

cloudways is the most popular web hosting company. Many people are changing their minds and moving from the site to the cloudways. Also, you will get several Affiliate programs.

What can SiteGround Affiliate Dashboard do?

If you look at SiteGround’s Affiliate dashboard, you’ll find what you need. As such you will get a custom link, sales, conversion, payment method, and tax forms.

What is the conversion rate of SiteGround’s approved program?

For 3 years, the siteground conversion rate after the promotion was 4%. But everything unknown about price increases.

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