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Saving Lives in the Emergency with AEDs Made by Mindray

The Golden Five Minute Rule: Need for AED Purchase

Since the survival rate for patients with ventricular fibrillation decreases by 10% for every minute that passes, prompt implementation of life-saving therapies is essential in determining whether a patient lives. Therefore, by strategically placing AEDs and facilitating quick public access, the “golden survival rate” of patients having an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest can be effectively boosted. The article will provide informaiton about Mindray and certain AED-related information.

Pay Attention to the Instructions for Proper Resuscitation After Cardiac Arrest

The new CPR and emergency cardiac care guidelines released by the American Heart Association in 2015 emphasize The Chains of Survival(source from, which refer to the five interlocking steps of first aid, one of which is essential and whose order cannot be changed. This is done to improve the likelihood of resuscitation. These are the “5 rings”:

  1. Quick identification and support
  2. Prompt cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the second.
  3. Quick resuscitation
  4. The early application of advanced cardiac resuscitation.
  5. The speedy provision of thorough resuscitative care.

In order to increase the chance of resuscitation, the actions must be done following the above tips.


The emergency response mechanism is dependent greatly on AEDs. When ventricular fibrillation, which results in loss of blood compression, develops in a patient’s heart, the premium AEDs from Mindray can quickly and effectively restore the heart to its regular beating rate. Visit the official website of Mindray for more detailed information about their products.

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