Revamp your wardrobe with embroidered tunics and colour block sarees

As a centuries-old craft, embroidery is widely performed across India. Embroidery is the art of creating textile embellishments by using thread to sew patterns onto fabric. Since indo-western clothes became popular in India, Embroidered tunics have been the grab for comfort and style. The silhouette is distinctly Western, yet the textiles and ornaments are typically associated with Indian culture. These tops, often called embroidered Kurtis, are a summer staple for professional ladies and students. Embroidered designs for a designer or party wear tunic may integrate multiple techniques into a single motif for maximum visual impact. Sequins can be stitched inside silk thread flower designs, and mirrors can be put into patch-border patterns.

Decorated with resham embroidery, mirror work, lace,  beads, and velvet patches. Regional embroidery techniques such as aari, booti, Kasuti, Kashida, and Phulkari can also be used to decorate tunics. Embroideries of this complexity and finesse give the tunic or kurta a unique sense of ethnic beauty and make it suitable for formal and celebratory events such as weddings and receptions.

Block Sarees will reign supreme this season

One of the season’s most popular aesthetic movements is the use of contrasting color blocks. It’s an ensemble that uses two or more contrasting color blocks. This might be for anything from a top or bottom to a tunic or dress, and even a purse or pair of shoes. Putting together an ensemble by aligning sections or blocks of solid color with one another is a simple definition. Color schemes can range from monochromatic to highly saturated to subdued to complementing. Color block outfits can be put together using any piece of clothing, footwear, and accessories, which can either include color block designs or be made up of distinct blocks of color.

Sarees and Kurtis with geometric patterns on the fabric are classic staples. Block prints are a bit more refined and sophisticated than other prints, which can be edgy and entertaining. A Colour block saree can make you look put together while allowing you to relax into your true self. As a form of visual expression, block printing has been widely used for centuries. The print’s design is etched into a wooden block using a specialized carving tool. The resulting opening in the block is filled with a dye and pressed. The cloth is then placed on top of the dye, and the block is pressed to transfer the design.

You will be enthralled by the one-of-a-kind masterworks created by Ritu Kumar, Payal Singhal, Wendell Rodricks and Bhavna Kumar. These works range from understated and refined designs to embellishments that shimmer brilliantly.

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