Profitable Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money in 2021

Profitable Blog Niche Ideas That Make Money in 2021

if you want to get profitable blog niche ideas that make money then you are in the perfect place. Because I am going to discuss blogging niche ideas which can bring you more money.

If you would like to market your blog, you need to attract targeted, high-converting visitors to your posts and other articles.

you need to understand who is your target audience of your blog and what readers wants from you.

It will probably be much easier to create valuable articles for them when you do and you are going to make more money with less effort.

You can find easily your profitable blog niche ideas because I’ve grouped my all ideas below what actually beneficial for all of you. And you can make money easily if you follow these niches and get your type’s topic. Read on:

  • Travel
  • Health
  • Fitness and athletics
  • Hobbies
  • Amusement
  • Gambling
  • Finance
  • Family and residence
  • Instruction and career
  • Social networks
  • Politics and culture

Alright, let’s get started!

Here are 100 good, profitable blog niche ideas Which You Can start a blog about and make money online:

Top profitable blog market ideas to make money online in 2020



Research your city and its surroundings.  Mention all places where people can visit.  Great for budget traveling. Also, share the route of those place and make videos for your website. It can be beneficial for you.

Travel tips:

Share your every single suggestions and techniques for traveling. So that they can gathered every type of information from your website. Obtaining through long flights, packing efficiently, etc.

Cultural differences:

Share everything you’ve learned about the customs and proper ways in a foreign culture.  This is a superb market for assisting expats and travelers honor local traditions.

Language and traveling:

If you like learning languages, then why not produce a site about it?  Help your readers learn some basic words and useful phrases for their next excursion. 

For even more value, produce a few useful PDF cheat sheets your readers can print out! Because it will helpful for your readers.

They can find everything in your site for this reason, they can be your permanent visitor.

Traveling for work:

Do you work for an airline or only traveling a lot for work?  Utilize your breaks to capture the essence of each city and country.  Share your stories with the world — you have an international audience awaiting!

Most important thing is you’ve a lot of idea about the place for that reason it can be easy for you and you can attract the audience easily through your story.



Health, diets, nutrition – Blog niche ideas to make money blogging.

This really is one of the most profitable blog niches out there.  There is always a new trendy diet to focus on — you simply have to begin your blog asap to startup your competitors!

Nutrition and supplements:

We all know we need to eat better foods but why is it so hard?  Help your readers reach their targets and nourish their bodies with healthful foods!


Provide your knowledge and guidelines for succeeding a strong state of mind with meditation.  Provide beginner-level guided meditations to entice new readers and increase your reach.

Herbal remedies:

Teach your site target audience how they can benefit from what nature has to offer.


This is a significant thing in the health and health niche.  Mindfulness is a great blog subject to generate money online, too.  Simply share your tips for practicing mindful living in everyday life.

Mental health:

Help your readers identify the root causes of depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. Keep your tips simple and make sure you do not recommend treatment unless you are a certified physician.

We do a lot of work for many other people every day. How can your readers find a happier life by spending more time in their day than working for the needs of different people?

Confidence boosting:

Assist your viewers with self-esteem problems.  If you’ve struggled with feeling good about yourself, talk about your story and how you conquer this issue! 

How can your readers attain better confidence to succeed in life and become happier generally?


There are plenty of skin wellness topics to compose.  Acne and aging are most likely the most well-known niches on the market.

This niche is the great niches for blogger if they want to select any topic. This niche can be a profitable niche for every beginner blogger.

Fitness and athletics

Fitness and athletics


This market has incredible potential for making money.  If you’re a certified yoga teacher, create a series of posts and publish them within an e-book.

And most important thing is if you want to start your own blog then you can select this topic.

Weight reduction:

Dieting and losing weight is an endless source of blog article ideas!  It is one of the most popular markets when it comes to starting a website to make money.

CrossFit coaching:

Share your story, experience, and tips on how your readers can attain their fitness goals using CrossFit training.

The best way for taking care of your bike? What to pay attention to when buying a bike? Write about the best biking trip in your area or create a two-wheeled traveling site!

Also, you can start bike riding site and make money from it. So, it can be a great topic for all of you.

Running and marathons:

Running is one of the most popular forms of struggling with the huge potential of readers around the world.

Write about running tips and strategies, seasonal training for winter and summer, marathon training, running equipment, etc. these topics can be a sub-category for your website.

Jumping, skipping base, you tag it! This site niche is easy to become a travel site if you travel the whole world looking for the adrenaline rush below. This is the most effective way to start blogging.


Write about urban hiking, day trips, hiking challenges, or pilgrimage routes.

This is definitely the most interesting part of a game for many, but it is also a great game!


If you understand Pilates, why don’t you share your tips and experience with the entire world? It can be beneficial for you, because you can generate money from your site.

Personal Coaching:

This can be the ultimate traffic magnet for your blog. If you can write about hints to practice and offer meals and workout programs, you can make a big name for yourself online.

Write about fitness strategies for active people, so that they can get benefit from it.


Hobbies, DIY, arts and crafts – Blog topic ideas

Tons of unique areas to focus on: urban gardening, growing flowers, organic gardening, growing vegetables, etc.


Create a series of articles where you teach your viewers how they could become better at drawing.


Discuss your work or those others.  Give tips on where to go on your city for great art.


Make your own music or blog about this of others.  Educate your viewers how to play an instrument!


Copywriting is a popular subject nowadays.  Why not show your readers how they can become successful freelance writers, as an example?

Blog concerning the best models, vintage pieces, or maintenance information, for instance.


How to play poker?  How to be a fruitful gambler online? You can start this niche if you have any idea about this section.


Write about the latest gadgets, new technology, hints, and tricks for using them.

Programming and web development:

Programming and web development

Help your readers learn how to program so they can start new careers in the technology industry.  How to construct a site?  The Way to create a mobile application to sell on the App Store?

Review gear, provide your recommendations and share your experience out on the ocean.

Programming and web developing is the most profitable site for newbies. because you can get tons of visitors in that niche.



You could offer photography tips and compose a helpful beginner’s manual for shooting beautiful photos. 

If you would like to, you are able to niche down to portrait, nature, or product photography, for instance. Also, you can create image website where people can find high quality image.



Website about fashion trends, share your best looks and establish yourself a name in the style blogosphere.

Write a blog and create YouTube videos with cosmetics tutorials.  A great deal of makeup gurus is already going viral online — you only need to add your own taste to the soup and you can do it, also.

Share your golfing hacks and studying tips.  Should you travel with your golf bag, share your experience with the best golf courses around the world.

Composing about beginning signs is a fantastic blog niche to sell personal horoscopes and educate your readers about novelty.

Horseback riding

Self-defense and martial arts

Interior design


Dogs, cats, pets

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Blogging ideas for beginners – Food, cooking, and recipes

Wines and champagne:

Should you know a whole lot about wines, then share that passion with the world.

Craft beer:

Blog about what makes craft beer so amazing and set yourself a name online.  The way to generate craft beer in your home?

Exotic cuisine:

Share your favorite tips and recipes for preparing real meals from nations far away.


Choose a niche and help your readers with simple but delicious recipes. For example, how about blogging about 30-minute meals for family or cooking at a reasonable price?

Also, you can share different types of recopies and food reviews.

Home-cooked dishes:

We all love a tasty noodle meal, right?  There is just something about traditional cooking which warms our souls and makes us feel great.  Share your household recipes and collect them together to publish a branded cookbook!

How to cook and stay healthy? Which seasonal food should your readers pay attention to every month of the year?

 If you are able to describe it, you can bake it!

Gather the best recipes you can find for a specific market.  Then cook them and compose roundup articles on them.  Recipe blogs are enormous right now — particularly if you plan on using a solid Pinterest strategy to attract massive traffic to your blog!

Share your tips on which pots and pans should use during cooking.  You will find a lot of utensils to make cooking simpler and more enjoyable.  Write honest testimonials and make certain to include affiliate links for your visitors to click and get the merchandise right away.

Veganism and plant-based diet:

How to become a vegan step-by-step?  Share your guidelines and favorite instructions with your readers!  What if your readers do when they start feeling a craving for something non-vegan again?

Compose for us caffeine addicts — and drop me a link so I can look it over!  Share your coffee tips and educate your readers new things about their favorite hot drinks.

Website niche ideas that make cash – centric blog topics for novices to start a site



Review movies, create a list using the top movies in each genre

Like a movie – review and rate! If you’re using Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you can just focus on one streaming service and speed up recent shows in the market, for example.

Find funny videos on the internet and make them viral. Attract enough visitors to your blog and make money with ads.

Theatre, opera, and ballet:

Review bits in your area or write about new and old pieces for your visitors to read and learn more about.

Stand-up humor and improvisation:

Provide tips and create fun, helpful content you can become a book someday.  Why don’t you provide workshops, courses, or 1-to-1 coaching, too?

Upcoming events:

For example, write about events that draw attention to specific target groups, such as children’s families, single boys, and cheeks, or people looking at communities within a specific industry, for example. The more people are interested in studying these, the more traffic they will get.



Video game tutorials for beginners:

Help others love their games more!

Game walkthroughs and tips:

Adventure games are the perfect candidates for walkthrough posts, like Tomb Raider.

Strategy game best practices:

Civilizations or Cities: There’s a lot to learn about innovative strategy games like Skyline. Write a blog or create a YouTube content – or both!

Although not electronic, playing card and board games is still common! Why not provide your ideas on board games and make them into a blog where you test the games?

Outdoor matches:

Get out your readers in nature!  Write a post about 50 different outside games for kids and release the collection within an e-book.  Sell it at a discount to colleges!



Profitable blog market ideas to make cash – Personal finance, investment, frugal living

How to manage your finances the very best?  Everyone is interested in making the most out of their dollars.  Frugal living is among the most popular blog topics right now!

Financial independence:

Share your suggestions for achieving financial independence by saving, investing, and planning for the future.

How to find the very best earners and save sensibly?

Retirement and retirement savings:

We are all aging and becoming closer to retirement daily.  Although it might be decades off, most of us are interested in learning how we could start saving today.

Handling the household budget:

It isn’t always simple to make ends meet with a larger family.  Share tips for saving money in daily things like groceries, transport, hobbies, clothing, etc.



Dating manual:

Everybody is looking for love!  Write a dating guide — you can opt to be serious, satirical, or funny, for instance.

Transferring together and starting a family:

How to make it operate with the substantial other?  Website about tips for new couples who want to begin a family.

Weddings and marriage:

Wedding sites are HUGE at this time.  Help people design their wedding ceremony and come up with concepts of their wedding.  Offer your help for a wedding planner!

Dating advice:

How to take care and cherish your connection and make it survive?


Okay, it doesn’t always work with relationships, does it? Help your readers win their divorce. There are many things you can do to help people: legal advice, self-care, fighting anger and frustration, forgiveness, etc.

Family and residence

Profitable blog topic ideas – Family and parenting

Pregnancy and getting parents:

Compose a collection of blog articles about pregnancy!  Every mother and father have a lot of questions that they need answers for during this time.

Parenting and childcare:

Every parent needs help with their children from time to time.  Solve their parenting issues with helpful posts on your blog.  The way to be a cool mother or a cool dad?  How to agreement with a moody people at the supermarket?

Family holidays:

Where to proceed with the Entire family for the holidays?  The way to get the most from the vacation budget and pinch a few pennies?

Hobbies for the Entire family:

Things to do and where to go along with the whole family?

Saving money:

Help parents with ideas they can have for free with kids. Or they can save money while doing groceries or buying clothes for their kids.

Compose how to post with hints about home and garden care. Renovation, makeover, maintenance – keep up the good content!


Share your knowledge and expertise with homeschooling.  How does it work?  Who can do it?  Where do you begin?

Faculty and bullying:

How to help kids that are bullied?  What signals should parents pay attention to so they can intervene as soon as you can?  The way to stop bullying altogether?


Website about various choices for school or college.  The way to fund your kid’s school degree?  How to write the best college application, research paper, thesis?

Eco-friendly homes:

Write about how any flat or house can be converted into an eco-friendly, green home.

Additionally, you can blog about how your family protects the home environment in your daily life. This is really amazing blog site ideas you will get.

Education and career

Instruction and career guidance – Site niche ideas for newbies.

This one of the biggest niches you will find. Because, here is a lot of topic you will for your blog ideas. So, think about this niche if you’re passionate about it.

Career route advice:

The best way to discover your passion and the right career and occupation to match.

Promotions and career training:

Help your readers reach their livelihood goals more quickly.

Learning new abilities:

Languages, management abilities, IT & software skills.

Research hacks:

How to find out better?  How to party in school but still nail your examinations?

SAT tips and suggestions:

How to prepare for your SATs and get top scores?

Instagram actors:

The way to be a social networking star on Instagram?

Mastering a social networking:

How to boost your organization on social networking?

Help your readers using their phone dependency!

Beginner’s manuals:

Write about the basics of social networking websites. How to start using them and how to get the most out of them?

Politics and culture

News and current events:

Write about your own views on the latest themes in the media right now.

Political site:

Focus your audience on current political events with fun perspectives with your own touch.

Solve government problems in society. Choose the topic you want to stand for and build a community around it. And remember, one day it will take you to the higher level.

Educational site:

Teach people about the political system, processes and why their voice thing can take part in every election.

If you can’t find a market for a blog you can relate to, why not just blog about yourself?

If you manage to write in a fun, engaging way, you can build an amazingly large audience for your blog to succeed.

So, determine how it is possible for you to first come up with a “story” about your life. You can write about your adolescence years, about your own life as a man or woman in a big city, or about the way you are starting a family.

And discuss your own experiences to see how your children are growing up. Write about your lifestyle because if you teach the people that how to lead life? and How to face the problems and recover it?

Then they can be conscious for your blog post. So, share your experiences and motive the people.

Or maybe you can write about your livelihood, how it is developing and how it is going. And of course, blogging in your spare years is just as exciting! Only when you are able to get rid of the hours of work and unpaid leave!

Blogging about yourself lets you’re very creative and come up with a very personal outlook into the world around you.

But, remember that you are sharing your life with all the world.  You’re likely to be the newest and the business, in good times and in bad times. 

So, when you get feedback from your readers, it may become very personal sometimes. But don’t be upset you also give right feedback in generous way that would be respectful for you.

Want a FREE cheat sheet with blog article titles that generate massive traffic?  Where do I send your backup?

Final thoughts: profitable blog market ideas in 2020

This list with award-winning niche market ideas can go on forever, trust me! I hope you have found several helpful tips and inspirations for your blog here.

Which site topics can you write about yourself? comments below!

Bottom line: the topic you want to blog about is that you can monetize any topic as long as you have enough readers. Ultimately, monetize your site is about using Your readers more intimately.

So, make sure you decide on something that can generate traffic. Then, these are about finding your own inspiration and motivation to write about over the next few years.

So long as you write blog articles that your audience will want to read about, you are ready for all the credit!

If you are still not sure about your specialty, check out my detailed guide on 11 popular blog ideas that really make money for me.

Now that you’ve got a great idea of ​​what to blog about, it’s time to start your blog right away!

How do I begin a profitable blog now?

Now let us get your blog up and running straight away!

Follow my free start guide for the best way to start a successful blog in 10 minutes. Seriously, you can set everything up today, even if you’ve never received a blog before.

And this is the whole guidance for you. I believe that if you follow this guide then you can find your type niches which can give you massive money online.

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