Popular live dealer games in online casinos in India

Online gambling clubs with live dealer games are always at the top of the ratings. Users get a chance to be in a real casino right from their homes.

The most popular types of live dealer games at online casinos

Modern popular live dealer games in online casinos are against a live person, not a machine with tuned algorithms. Dealer games with real dealers are on the menu of any major casino. Whereas playing slots is all about pushing the same button, live games mix thrill with meticulous calculation and sequencing. Below are some of the most popular live casino entertainment.


Live dealer games are played under the same conditions as real offline gambling. Most users choose the same options as in a real casino.

Different variations of roulette are highly popular. Customers bet on red/black, a specific number, or zero. Some games have extra bets on the total over/under a certain number.

Incidentally, professional companies organize such broadcasts. These firms do not only look after the technical component. The provider also trains the staff. That’s why the software provider is responsible for choosing a casino. The company must make sure that all their initial expenses pay off and are not overshadowed by the gambling club’s poor reputation.


These games are also known as “21”. The rules are simple: assemble a combination of cards that equals 21 or as close to that number as possible. If the user’s card values exceed the required value, he automatically loses.

Live casino customers can bet in blackjack on:

  • the dealer’s hand;
  • a player’s hand;
  • a draw;
  • the exact value of the cards in the round.

The dealer does not play against each user individually, but against all guests at once. Blackjack requires logic, determination, and calculation.


The rules of Baccarat are similar to Blackjack, but with some differences. The user aims to collect as many points as possible from the cards. The odds of whether the dealer wins, the player wins or the draw are regularly updated at the bottom of the screen.


Classic poker is not a live game, but Live-casino offers a three-card studded version. The general rules are the same as for poker: you have to make a hand that is higher than the dealers.


This type of entertainment is best learned through the example of sic-bo. The game has 3 dice and the task of the user is to guess the total on all dice, the largest/smallest denominations. The dice are triggered by a special machine, which is pressed by the dealer. This eliminates the possibility of manipulation, the final result is formed only by chance.

KENO and bingo

A classic version, a favorite of fans from the 1990s. Players tick the numbers on a coupon, then the reel is spun. The numbers drawn on the wheel form the winning combination. As well as betting on the entire coupon, users can bet on the total of the numbers received the biggest and smallest balls by value. 

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