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Movie Maker Online: Create stunning videos for your brand

Videos are working most effectively, especially on social media platforms. All forms of marketing benefit from the incorporation of videos. Yes, your social media affiliate marketing, where you engage influencers, existing customers, and bloggers to promote your business, will also thrive with the use of videos.

Reports suggest that 64% of the users have a higher chance of buying a product online after watching its video. And it is only because of this reason that 83% of the marketers say that they would create more video content to market their business.

But there are obstacles like money, time, and resources that can come into your way of creating videos.

However, with the availability of a good movie maker, you need not worry about these obstacles. Moviemakers are easy to use and affordable online tools allowing businesses to make amazing videos to be shared on their websites and across social media channels.

So, get ready with your assets like logo, visuals, and images handy and start making stunning brand videos from scratch!

Step 1: Choose the Style of Your Video and the Template

Using an online movie-making tool, you can take this as the second step of creating stunning videos for your brand.

The first step is logging into your account on the online video maker.

Once you log in, you will find a dashboard where you can choose the Create option to start making your video.

Choose the style of your video next. Make a good choice here because you are making a business marketing video.

Now choose from your movie maker’s readymade templates. You will find various options like narrating your story, sharing your knowledge, highlighting your products and services, and promoting sales.

All the different storyboards have varied template options for you to choose from. Remember, once you have selected your template and started building the slides, you cannot change the Storyboard template.

Try to preview all the Storyboards and find one with several slide variations along with proper layout options.

Step 2: Upload All Your Assets and Include your Settings

It is time for you to upload your images, visuals, and other forms of media you have already selected. You can even upload these assets during the editing phase, so you need not worry if you do not have the assets selected yet.

You can download certain images you want to use in your video by searching for them online. You can also take advantage of your movie maker’s media stock library, consisting of hundreds of images, visuals, and soundtracks.

Next, choose global settings for your content and then select the font of your choice along with branding colours. It is best to apply the global settings before making the video because then your preferences will be applied to all your shots, and you do not have to keep selecting the colours and font manually.

Step 3: Add-In Content in Your Shots

You will find all your recorded shots in the Storyboard section of your movie maker online. You can edit, add and delete your shots here. There are different types of styles you can use over here like image, video, collage, text, and logo.

Based on the template that you have chosen and the type of content you possess, you can either add or remove your shots. To copy or delete a block, just hover over the block to reveal additional options.

Now start typing in content and move images into the pre-built templates. You have the option of creating any form of a block that you require.

To add the images you had previously uploaded from your movie maker’s stock media library, drag them onto the image placeholder in the template. You can even change the appearance of an image by clicking on it, dragging it, and repositioning it until the image appears as per your desire.

You can change the background colour of your block and edit the image files. 

Options for image editing are – delete, upload, crop, rotate and zoom or magnify. Format all your shots with images and text until you have the right kind of content in the Storyboard.

Step 4: Create Your Intro and Outro

The first shot of your video should be a thumbnail. This will be the introduction of your video, and it should be catchy enough. Remember, this is the first thing the viewers will see before your video starts playing. So, make sure that it introduces the viewers to what they will be watching.

For the title of your video, it will be better to use text instead of an image. For the final shot, make sure to include your business logo.

Drag and drop the logo file into the shot and resize the logo as required. You even have the option of changing the animation setting of your logo.

If you do not have any business logo, you can create text with a good CTA or Call To Action.

Step 5: Editing and Adding Those Extra Touches

You have successfully made your way to the editing stage, and this is where you can add some amazing finishing touches and some extras to your video to give it a professional appearance. 

But before doing all this, make it a point to watch your video in preview mode. While reviewing your partially-completed video, go through its timing or speed, flow, content, visual appeal, and transitions. 

If you want, you can use your movie maker’s image filter, voice recording, and music tools to give your video a more polished appearance.

Step 6: Download and Share Your Video

The final step is downloading your video and sharing it on different social media platforms.

Once you have created a stunning video, make it a point to share it effectively on the different social media channels so that your video gets more and more views leading to brand exposure.

Paying attention to some of the most important video elements mentioned above will make sure that your video is perfect and all set to get more engagement on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform where you will be posting it.


So, follow these steps to make an impressive video for your audience. Remember that making a stunning brand video is no longer difficult these days since many online movie-making tools are available. The only thing to do is choose the right tool and get going with the process. 

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