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Medical Power Supplies Vary From Standard Electrical Outlets?

Comparing a 500-watt (W) enclosed switching power supply made for commercial use with a medical-grade version can reveal some significant differences at first glance. What differentiates the power supply for medical equipment from others that purport to do the same thing? These four characteristics are crucial.

Prolonged Development Time; Compared to its commercial equivalents, the development cycle for medical power supply is lengthier due to the stringent requirements placed on them by the healthcare industry. This is helpful because it usually means more problems are solved during the design process, and products don’t have to be updated as frequently as newer variants arrive.

Safety: When developing a medical tool, putting the patient first is essential. A medical grade device is one that has been certified as such by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 606. For patients’ sake, medical power supply must be built to strict safety standards in accordance with IEC 60601. Commercial electricity grids are exempt from these regulations.

A longer design cycle usually means a longer product lifespan. A medical gadget and its power supply should last a long time, allowing for multiple years of operation before they need to be replaced. Certification processes for medical power supply can take up to five years, therefore it’s prudent to develop a product with a long service life. Contrarily, commercial power sources can be developed for less money but may only last a few years.

Looking for Greater Vendor Assistance´╝č

Exra vendor support is needed for power supplies with a longer lifespan. There is no time to waste when something goes wrong with a medical power supply or a medical practitioner has queries. Power supply designed for medical use typically have more responsive and reliable vendor support than consumer electronics. If you’re still struggling to find the right medical power supply? Consider Mornsun, our professionals will customize your own power solutions!

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