Make Quality Videos to Improve Your SEO Rankings

Videos are a good way of improving the SEO strategy of your company. 87% of marketers use videos as a tool for boosting their SEO. If used in the right way, they can help your website outrank competitors online.

Websites with videos have higher chances of ranking right on top in the search results on Google. Videos are also effective in creating traffic online, with 81% of the traffic on the web coming through videos.

As per studies, 84% of consumers find product videos useful as they give them the confidence they require to buy a product. With videos, you cannot just improve your SEO results, but you can also win backlinks that will increase traffic to your business site.

Engaging and interesting explainer videos and product videos can lead to conversions and further sales. The statistics provided above prove that videos are undoubtedly effective in improving the SEO ranking of businesses.

Wish to know more about video SEO and how it can help your site? Keep reading.

Using Videos on a Site is Valuable in Improving SEO Rankings

There are several ways in which videos can improve the search engine ranking of your site:

  • Videos increase conversions and sales.
  • They improve the overall quality of your blog.
  • You can use videos on your YouTube channel for more brand exposure.
  • They are the perfect point of contact for new customers.
  • Videos attract the attention of audiences who prefer visual content over written matter.
  • Videos are effective in promoting products, services, and brands.
  • They are the perfect tools for social media marketing on channels like Twitter and Facebook.
  • You can use videos to explain your business structure and model.

And the list goes on.

All the benefits mentioned above will improve your site’s search rankings on the different search engines, specifically Google.

The perfect example of a video that successfully created a large number of backlinks is the one from DollarShaveClub. This is a grooming products company, with one of its videos going viral in no time.

In fact, the company garnered huge popularity after it produced and marketed a video with an amusing concept. The video not only helped the company in raising brand awareness but also generated a lot of backlinks.

The video is funny and is targeted toward a specific audience. Within just a few hours, it featured throughout the web, and since then, it has been attracting a lot of links. Even today, people write about it.

Let’s look at some specific ways to improve your SEO rankings through videos:

SEO and Explainer Videos

Today, it is next to impossible to gain higher search rankings on Google; on top of that, Google keeps evolving time and again, updating its algorithms, and these too have an effect on SERPs over time.

The Google Panda and Penguin updates caused decreased page rankings for sites without quality content and structure. Therefore, brands need to make a good quality landing page explainer video to further increase conversions.

Sites with explainer videos on their landing pages have higher chances of appearing on the first page of the search engine result pages. Such sites get higher rank positions by Google.

It is also crucial that Google includes YouTube video results in its SERPs. So, by including a video made using a video creator free on your business site, improve your chances of being found by online users no matter where you are.

Here’s an example: a well-crafted explainer video on its landing page assisted Crazy Egg in raising 64% conversions along with $21K extra revenue every month. Crazy Egg, founded by Neil Patel, is a digital tool allowing businesses to investigate the way visitors browse their sites.

Recently, the tool has become popular as it uses an explainer video in its commercial. The explainer video showcasing 158 seconds of animation has helped the brand raise 64% conversions while earning $21000 extra as revenue every month. That’s amazing! Isn’t it?

Host Videos on YouTube

Many companies these days are willing to upload their videos on YouTube and then embed the same on their sites instead of hosting them on their own domains. The process is easy and simple, and even you can try it out.

Considering that YouTube is one of the best platforms for content promotion, you can host all your videos on YouTube to improve your site’s search rankings. 

YouTube is a stable and quick platform with a wider reach, and it offers you better chances of ranking on Google.

Here, the imperative thing is that the videos on YouTube are easier to rank. If you host your videos on YouTube, they will get more views than what would be the case if you host your videos on your blog. Google has a clear idea of this pattern, which is why YouTube videos are widely popular.

Both your company and your blog will benefit from your YouTube channel. While it brings organic traffic to provide great results for your business, it is not directly considered organic traffic for your blog, as people are reaching your business through a video platform.

However, innumerable visitors are viewing your YouTube channels, and through the links provided there, they eventually might get to your blog. All of this together can improve the search ranking of your site.

Use Self-Hosted Videos

Self-hosted videos mean you are hosting a video on your own business site. Self-hosted videos stand nowhere in competition with YouTube; they load slowly and also do not have a wide reach.

But there are reasons why you must consider using self-hosted videos. They offer customization flexibility; the clicks and links on these videos directly go to your company blog. Since Google does not show self-hosted videos in its SERPs, your blog will be getting primary and secondary SEO advantages.

This is one of the most beneficial digital marketing trends that can instantly work toward increasing your SEO rankings. Studies prove that having a video within the company blog can easily bring in higher rankings for the pages regardless of where you are hosting a video.

The Bottom Line

The popularity of videos is increasing quickly, and it is one of the best tools you can use to improve your SEO results. But simply making good quality videos will not work, and you need to optimize them using different SEO techniques if you want them to improve your rankings.

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