KeepingA Pool Clean And Healthy

 Ponds and other large, standing water bodies are known for their clean, refreshing feel and their ability to keep one’s imagination active for hours. While a pond can do much to reduce the number of chores one has to do around the home, it’s still necessary to keep it clean and sanitary to ensure a pleasant indoor environment for all the neighborhood wildlife. 

Even though our pool and spa days may be over, there’s still work that needs to be done to keep it that way. 

Here are some ways you can keep your pool clean and healthy:


Most pool chemicals are more than sufficient for cleaning a swimming pool. However, if the water is often unsupervised, some maintenance will be necessary. Regularly stirring pool chemicals will help them get through the water more quickly, and will also help ensure a cleaner pool.

If the water in your pool is hard or stained, add one part salt to five parts water. This will help to make the water softer, easier to stir, and less likely to stain.

Regular Maintenance

To keep your pool clean and in good shape, it will require regular maintenance. This could include setting up the pool for winter heating, giving the filter a good clean, and inspecting the water circulation system.

Inspecting these areas will help you to detect problems and take the necessary steps to correct them.

In-Pool Care

Keep your Pool drain open and your water shut off while you’re in it. In winter, when it’s especially hard to get in or out of the water, keeping the drain open will help to prevent ice build-up.

This will also help to keep your pool water temperature more consistent, preventing cold spots and retaining heat longer. Additionally, it will help to reduce water flow into your home’s plumbing, helping to eliminate potential clogs and slow water speed.

Outdoor Care

If your pool is outside, it will require special care. After all, the chemicals and water flow from a swimming pool inside will be different from the air conditioning of a house.

Cold air from the outdoors will easily mix with hot water from the pool, creating higher temps in the pool than are good for your pool. 

To keep your pool water as warm as possible, apply the following during cold weather:

– Use a pool cover

– Keep the pool door closed

– Use a pool brush to remove dead leaves and sticks from the pool

– Use a caulking gun to connect the pool cover to the pool wall

– Use a water filter to replace the dirtier water from the pool

– Use a pool heater to maintain the desired water temperature

– Use an in-pool sanitizing system to keep your pool clean

Sprinkler Use

Your pool will benefit from the use of sprinklers during hot summer weather. At the same time, using them too often can lead to over-cleaning. 

To keep your pool clean, set a timer for 30 minutes while sprinklers are in use.

– Remove the pool cover

– Scrub the pool with a broom and a garden hose

– Use a garden hose to rinse the pool

– Vacuum the pool floor

– Remove leaves, twigs, and other materials from the pool filter.

– Place a pool cover over the pool to keep it from drying out during the hot summer months

– Use an in-pool sanitizing system to keep your pool clean

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