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KAIAO: Your Trusted Partner for Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

KAIAO is a full-service and ISO9001:2021 certified manufacturer specializing in custom sheet metal fabrication. With their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, KAIAO serves thousands of customers across various industries, providing a wide range of sheet metal solutions. Sheet metal can be quickly cut into 2D profile shapes and formed out of a variety of high-strength materials, making it perfect for rapid tooling. From precision sheet metal to heavy plate, KAIAO offers expertise, reliability, and efficiency in every project. Whether you need assistance with part ordering, material recommendations, design feedback, or have any questions, the dedicated team at KAIAO is ready to provide professional support throughout the process.

Customized Solutions for Your Sheet Metal Needs

KAIAO understands that every project is unique and requires specific requirements. With a wide variety of materials, finishes, and thickness options, they can meet the custom demands of your sheet metal parts. From small prototypes to large-scale production, KAIAO ensures on-time delivery of your orders, providing you with the precise sheet metal components you need.

Durability and Efficiency

Sheet metal fabrication offers exceptional durability, making it ideal for both prototyping and end-use applications. The ability to form sheet metal into various shapes provides a durable surface that can withstand rigorous usage. Additionally, sheet metal is lightweight, high-quality, and efficient, making it an economical choice for projects, particularly for large volume orders. With low setup costs and efficient manufacturing processes, KAIAO delivers high-quality sheet metal components at affordable prices.

Precision and Fast Turnaround

KAIAO utilizes modern technology, including punch presses, to ensure accuracy and precision in every sheet metal project. The advanced machinery enables them to achieve accurate measurements, resulting in high-quality components that meet your specifications. Furthermore, KAIAO’s commitment to efficiency allows for fast turnaround times, with parts delivered within 4-10 days. This quick response ensures that your projects stay on schedule and meet tight deadlines.


KAIAO stands as the trusted partner for all your custom sheet metal fabrication needs. With their ISO9001:2021 certification, commitment to quality, and comprehensive range of services, KAIAO provides customized solutions, durability, economical pricing, accuracy, and fast turnaround times. Experience the excellence of KAIAO’s sheet metal fabrication services and entrust your projects to their knowledgeable and dedicated team.

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