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Is an MLM a Scam? – Multi level Marketing Business Opportunity is a Scam!

Is an MLM a Scam? – Multi level Marketing Business Opportunity is a Scam!

So, is an MLM a SCAM? Absolutely! As a victim of numerous Multi Level Marketing business opportunities in the past and from my bad experiences, I can confirm with total confidence that the MLM business model is a complete and utter scam, without question!

If you’re already involved in the MLM industry, then please remain open minded as you read this article so you can see both sides of the argument from a clearer perspective.

Whether you have been stung by the industry (like me) or whether you’re deeply in love with it, I am about to outline a few valid points which may or may not put your back up and nose out of joint, figuratively speaking!

There’s No Option But To Become a Hustler – You Ready To Hustle?

In MLM, you are no better than the dreaded sales guy or lady standing in the center of the shopping mall, ramming your unheard of “products” and “opportunity” down the throats of people, hoping to make a few sales and recruit people to do the same thing you’re doing.

You’re encouraged to approach family and friends, participate in “cold calling”, take your business everywhere you go (including vacations), exploit social media platforms like Facebook, and keep track of the activity in your downline. (Practically kicking butts in shape for under-achieving and pressurizing your team to sell and recruit more).

Unfortunately, this transforms you into a “hustler” and a “sales machine”, damaging not only your reputation but your relationships with the people who trust you. “Hustling” various people is the name of the game if you want to be a big player in MLM.

Oh, I remember this old chestnut all too well when I vigorously promoted banners and ads for an online MLM opportunity, back in the days when Myspace was the leading social media platform. It was too much hard work that didn’t pay off and backfired on me!

Over-Priced Products = Commissions In Your Pocket!

The chances of you, (your upline and your downline) making money from MLM would be very slim without your customers paying “over the odds” for products and services. This may surprise you, but the high costs have no connection to what’s being sold.

The over-priced items actually support the “payment structure” of the MLM business opportunity itself to keep the company afloat.

Many MLM’s may also request an additional one off, monthly or annual membership fees for you to become a business partner, and some even make it a requirement that you purchase “x amount” of products and services yourself to be able to remain in the program.

It can be a very expensive game from both sides as a customer and as a swindler, if you ask me!

If it wasn’t for overcharging customers for the products/services, generating repeated sales and introducing membership fees. Any MLM program would quickly sink to the ocean floor like the Titanic.

Ripping Off Your Family and Friends Is Wrongful!

The only way for you to make real money from MLM is to recruit lots of people in to the scheme and make them part of your team (aka: downline). Then they duplicate your footsteps and do the same with others.

You eventually end up feeling sick and tired of pushing products/services as well as the business opportunity under the noses of your family and friends who constantly laugh in your face, tell you it won’t work, and knock you back! People then perceive you as a “con artist”, which is not a good title to have!

Why would people want to purchase high priced items from you any way, when they can buy the same, if not better-quality products elsewhere, and at a fraction of the cost too?

Surely you would want to save your family and friends money instead of ripping them off for the sake of funding the “big opportunity”, huh?

Why MLM Is NOT a REAL Business Model To Focus Your Energy On!

I’m going to be bold here, if I may? You Do Not own an MLM business or any part of it. The only things that belong to you are the products/services you invest your cash in.

An MLM consists of you building the business for the “owners” and requires constant “hustling” to regularly sell underprivileged worth products at expensive charges, and get people hooked on to the “scheme.”

This is the sad truth, I’m afraid to say! On the other hand, Affiliate Marketing is a “real” business model that does belong to you because you’re building a website from any niche market you love, you’re branding yourself as a credible expert, and creating a following of people online who trust and value you.

When you do become a part of any MLM business, you are automatically given the title of “Distributor” and “Sponsor” etc.

When in reality, you are nothing more than a stone building block holding up the pyramid, so you can create wealth for the guys at the very top and fund their lifestyles, while you lose money, friendships, respect, and struggle to make ends meet!

My Verdict: MLM Does NOT Define You As a Person

Just because you have been sucked in to an MLM or several (as I once was), doesn’t make you a bad individual.

I used to be naive when I first started out trying to earn money, so online MLM was the very first trap I fell in to. But I didn’t realize it at the time because I just wanted to make some money, like you!

95% of people fail in MLM because they become tired of the “hustle”, they get tired of investing money in products/services, they don’t see the results they’re looking for and they are tired of the constant verbal attacks from people.

I did learn a few harsh lessons and lost money with Multi Level Marketing business platforms, but it was because of this I found my way into Affiliate Marketing, and I have not looked back since day one. Affiliate Marketing is changing my life because it’s helped me to discover my true passion in helping people like you earn money online in a legit way that works!

MLM is not worth your time, effort, and money. And it’s certainly not worth destroying your reputation for either.

Take this friendly advice from someone who has already been their multiple times, who has failed at every attempt, and who still carries the scars around as a reminder.

There is a better way of making money, and I will help you by following the link below.

If there’s anything you would like to discuss MLM or if you have any further questions, please leave me your thoughts underneath.

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