Instructions for playing the top online Mau Binh card game

Mau Binh online is a card game that is no longer strange to players on the market. If you practice and become a master at this game, you can win a series of valuable prizes. Find out with 6789BET in the article below!


Game Mau Binh online (some places call it gray soldiers) is one of the card game with rewards Very popular because of its intellectual and artistic nature.

Playing Mau Binh online is often played during holidays or festivals. It is a folk cultural beauty associated with Vietnamese villages. During the development of technology portal Bigfun launched Mau Binh online version to connect Mau Binh players all over the country.

Originally, the word Binh Xap Gray was translated from Chinese to Vietnamese to mean thirteen. Each player will be dealt 13 cards (using a deck of 52 cards).

Depending on each person’s tactical calculations, the cards will be arranged into 3 “branches”:

  • The first limb (limb one) has 5 leaves
  • The middle branch (branch 2) has 5 leaves
  • The last hand (hand 3) has 3 cards

So that the front limbs are “stronger” than the hind limbs. (The strength and weakness of the limbs will be described specifically in the instructions below).

Arranging 3 hands into a “strong, dangerous” card position to win against the opponent is not simple, requiring logical thinking, “trustful” observation eyes combined with top-notch card arranging art and practical experience. war.

Some terms in the game Mau Binh

  • Mau Bi: refers to odd cards.
  • Pair refers to two cards of the same value.
  • Sam refers to 3 cards with the same number.
  • Beast refers to a family of 5 cards, of which 4 cards form 2 pairs, and the last card has no connection to the beast.
  • Straight refers to 5 cards in a row, the last hand is not a straight. The straight can take the Ace as the smallest card or the Ace as the largest card.
  • Flush refers to 5 cards of the same suit.
  • Four of a kind is four cards that have the same value.
  • The straight box refers to a string of the same quality, the last limb is not placed in the straight box.
  • Big straight flush refers to a straight line containing an Ace and the last hand is also not lined up in a big straight flush.

Rules of playing Mau Binh online

When starting the game, the dealer will deal 13 cards to each player. Then the player will arrange them into 3 different hands, hand 1 and hand 2 have 5 cards, the last hand has 3 cards. The limbs will be linked together, the front limbs being stronger than the hind limbs.

In each game, each person will have 90 seconds to arrange the cards. When the time is up, everyone will face up their cards to measure each other’s cards. In particular, if you play Mau Binh online, the game portal will give some suggestions for players to arrange cards. The player will win white in the following cases:

  • Rolling Dragon: the player has 13 cards from 2 to Ace and of the same suit will win 24 times the bet.
  • Dragon straight is 13 cards from 2 to Ace that are not of the same suit and win 12 times the bet.
  • Five pairs 1 sham: in a card with 5 pairs and 1 gray, the player wins 6 bets.
  • Luc Po Bon: refers to a player with 6 pairs and 1 odd card who will win 3 times the bet.
  • If three barrels fall within three limbs, you win 3 times.
  • If three straights are in three branches, you win 3 times.
  • Normal Mau Binh cases
  • First four of a kind: win 4 times the bet.
  • Four of a kind chi 2: bet wins 8 times.
  • First box to clear the hall: win 5 times the bet.
  • Lobby clearing box chi 2: bet 10 times.
  • Last bet: 3 times the bet.
  • Cu del chi 2: win 2 times the bet.

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Experience playing Mau Binh online is sure to win

Below are the experiences of playing Mau Binh online compiled by 789bet and sent to players.

Choose a reputable bookmaker

This is the first and necessary thing that each player needs to choose wisely. Because nowadays there are many game portals popping up and then collapsing. That is the reason why you need to choose a reputable bookmaker that ensures your safety and security.

You need to consider and base on the operating time, license, transaction form, player rating… of the address you intend to choose.
When you choose a safe place for yourself, you will have a comfortable spirit and peace of mind without worrying about being scammed. Besides, some bookmakers also have attractive offers and promotions to attract players.

Maintain a stable mentality

Not everyone can keep themselves mentally stable when playing. Most people often follow the trend of “winning is greedy for winning, losing is greedy for winning”, so if you lose, you will lose even more. As mentioned above, this is an intelligence-based game, you need to have logical thinking. Therefore, if you are stressed and tired, you should not play this game. Wait for a time when your soul is comfortable and peaceful, at these times you will be able to make the most accurate decisions.

Manage capital effectively

Besides tactics and psychology, you need to know how to manage your capital. Avoid going all-in. When you study each game, you will know which games you should bet more on and which games you should bet less. Arrange winning and losing amounts in the most reasonable way.

Use strategies skillfully

First, you need to understand the rules of the game before setting foot on the table. Don’t depend too much on luck and play big, you will lose everything if you don’t know how to play. Through each game you will accumulate many different experiences, once is a lesson for you to strengthen your level. Grasp your opponent’s psychology, judge and analyze your own cards to come up with effective strategies.

Don’t rely too much on luck

Luck is just a part, class is forever. Therefore, do not rely too much on luck but try to learn and accumulate the experience of previous experts. That’s exactly what a seasoned player needs.

Know when to stop

A small win is still a win, don’t be too greedy to affect your economy and health. We should only play as a form of entertainment, each day you should determine how long to play and when to stop. Do what you originally proposed.

Concentrate on observing the games

Experts only need to take a quick look to know what your cards are like. Therefore, when playing, you should not just focus on your cards but should find ways to explore. There is an old folk saying “Know others, know yourself, a hundred battles, a hundred victories” and this saying is always true in all situations. When you lose too much, don’t get angry or depressed. Every losing game is an experience for you to learn a valuable lesson.


The information we have provided above has helped you understand more Mau Binh Online game. Game rules and experiences are also specifically disseminated for you to master. Wishing you will win many victories in each game and bring home many rewards.

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