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How Inbound Call Centers Guarantee Better Customer Service?

In an era, when it is getting difficult day by day to retain customers than acquiring one, enterprises are stressing on the need of providing exemplary customer service.

Efficient inbound call center is critical in bringing closure to the seller and consumer circle. It sets the premise for satisfactory customer service by responding and resolving customers’ queries within a single phone call.

Inbound call center solutions providers house professionals who have the right expertise and insights into modern-day customer expectations. They know about the factors that can either put off customers or be reasons for their satisfaction during a phone call. This puts them in the right place to deliver satisfactory customer service.

In this article, we will look at the key reasons as to why inbound call center solutions provider to achieve better customer service:

Lower Issue Resolution TAT

When a customer calls in with an issue with your product or service, you already know that you have a dissatisfied customer. The only way to appease the customer is to address and resolve their issue in an expedited manner.

Inbound call center agents have firsthand experience dealing with such irate customers. Such agents are trained to ask customers the right set of questions. This allows them to have a proper understanding of the issue.

They integrate their clients’ troubleshooting knowledgebase with their CRM. This enables them to quickly search for the right answer to a customer’s query which ultimately results in a significant lower TAT for issue resolution.

Lesser Call Transfers

In many cases, departments in an organization work in silos. This creates a situation where member of one department is clueless about the kind of operation the other team does. Such knowledge is crucial for those members who handle customer queries.

Lack of such knowledge results in calling agents bouncing a customer from one department to the other waywardly. This adds to the frustration of customers and is an indicator of a bad customer service.

Outsourcing inbound call center agents are constantly cross trained on different processes. They have access to their clients’ knowledgebase which they integrate with their CRM. This empowers them to address customers’ queries without transferring them across departments.

Moreover, call center service providers are known to leverage automatic call distribution technology. This technology routes warm customer calls to the right departments based on their location, kind of issue, VIP status, and others.

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Prioritize Customer Calls

Most of the times, a number of customers calls in with identical issues. While agents are busy addressing such calls, there are chances that they miss critical escalation calls.

It may happen that such calls come from high profile customers. Your agents’ inability to address the call will have a serious impact on your customer service quality.

To avoid such situations, third-party inbound call center solutions providers leverage call-avoidance system. It parses data from previous call records, advisor feedbacks, customer complaints, among others. Based on the analysis, it lets agents know why a customer has called in a detailed manner.

Such insights will help agents to segregate calls with identical issues and directly route them to the self-service customer knowledge base.

It allows them to prioritize calls on the basis of the reason behind those. This frees up time for agents to concentrate on customers seeking help on more critical issues.

Round the Clock Availability

If you have your brand presence across countries, you will get customers from different time zones calling in with queries on your product.

If your in-house call center team operates only on a particular shift, you will lose your bandwidth of attending your international customers. As a result, it will put a question on your commitment towards them.

Global call center service providers operate across multiple countries that follow different time zones. It enables them to dedicate resources across various time zones who can be available round the clock to address and resolve the incoming queries.


It is important that you partner with the right service provider who will bring you the intended business value. 24/7 availability, resource scalability, superior technology adoption, flexibility in pricing, among others are the key determinants of an ideal inbound call center solutions provider.


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