How to Predict the White Lottery Ball and Win 99.9%

Lottery prediction is one of the familiar methods used to predict the most accurate results. In the article below, Bookmaker New88 today will tell you how Bach Thu lottery prediction hit99,9% from master.

General introduction to Bach Thu lotteries

If you are a lottery lover, then surely you are no stranger to the term “white lottery”. This is a concept often used in the lottery field, especially in Vietnam.

Bach Thu Lo is also known by another name as Single Thu Lo. Is a term used to refer to a way of playing where participants will bet on a single number and the result of winning or losing will be based on this pair of numbers. The two numbers used to play the lottery are the last two numbers in the special prize. This means that players can only participate in one drawing.

With Bach Thu lottery, you do not need to invest too much capital but still earn a lot of money. This way of playing also requires participants to have good thinking, strong spirit and good judgment. Only then can the most accurate predictions be made.

How to predict lottery numbers accurately

Bach dice lottery is not suitable for players who only like safety. Because the winning rate of this way of playing is not high. However, if lottery players still want to participate in the game, you need to have effective prediction tips. Here it is the way Bach Thu lottery prediction Win big, you can refer and apply:

Predicting double lotteries according to special prizes

Double numbers are considered the most accurate numbers because they do not have mixed numbers. You will predict the Bach Thu lottery based on the special prize, specifically as follows:

  • Observe the lottery results table to see if the special prize is in XXABC format. If so, the double number you need to find is XX.
  • The next day you will take that double number XX to play.
  • You can also feed the XX frame for 3 to 5 days to improve effectiveness.

To help you understand better, below is a specific example of this method of prediction.

For example:

  • On December 8, there is a special prize: 66890
  • The double number 66 was raised in the frame for 3 days.
  • As a result, on December 10, lot 66 exploded in the results table.

Predict the white lottery according to silent numbers

With this method of prediction, players only need to observe in the lottery results table that day to see which lot numbers are dumb and which numbers are dumb.

  • How to predict white lottery results based on dumb lottery numbers: You will look up and find the silent lotto of the day. Then watch to see if the double of that head comes back in the next 2 days or not. If the first batch does not come out, you will continue farming for about 4 more days. Normally, this pair will appear on the first or second day from the day of starting farming, and a maximum of 4 days.
  • For how to predict white lottery numbers based on silent numbers: With this method, you will look up the results of the day to see if there are any dumb lottery endings. And continue to wait to see if the double of that dumb tail will appear in 2 days or not. If it doesn’t come out, choose that animal to raise in a frame for 4 days.

Predict the white-ball lottery according to the diamond-shaped method

This is a method used by many veteran experts. This lottery prediction is quite rare, but when it appears and you know how to grasp it, the odds of winning are quite high. As the name suggests, the numbers used for prediction will be arranged into 3 consecutive prizes forming a diamond shape. With this lottery method, you have a winning rate of up to 90%, while the remaining 10% are lost due to confusion or incorrect arrangement.

For example, if the third prize lotteries are 54698, 59811, 25260, you should choose 52 for the next day. Similarly, if the fourth prize has the sequence 3610, 3077, 1312, in the next 2 days, number 31 will be very easy to come back.

Lottery prediction based on dreams

Although dreams are considered unreal, for lottery players, they use it as a basis for predicting the lottery results. There are many cases that bring accurate results to players.

When a person dreams about someone, they often predict according to that person’s year of birth, death, or age. Or when dreaming about related events such as being bitten by a snake, having an accident, being given money… are the basis for players to predict and make predictions. However, this method has a very low chance of winning because the probability of winning depends a lot on luck.


Thus, the above article is a synthesis of methods Bach Thu lottery prediction effective and win big on New88 Hopefully, through these shares, you will be able to get your own tips on how to play.

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