How to play cards to the south at the house AE888

The house AE888 must be an address that is no longer strange to you. This game portal offers many attractive and beautiful betting products with high winning rates. In particular, the game is interested by many people and the main choice is to go to the South. To be able to play this game well as well as to be able to bring in big bets. Then don’t skip this article to get useful ways to play!

Overview Moving to the South AE888 – AE88

Going to the South is a game that many gamers participate in. This is a traditional and very popular game on the market today. The game, whether in traditional or online form, receives the attention of many people.

At AE888, moving to the South is also very popular with a huge number of participants every day. What’s more, if you bet successfully, you will receive a bonus amount corresponding to the odds of this game.

To have a clear understanding of how to play cards to the South at the prestigious game portal AE888. We invite you to follow along with the article!

Photo 1: Going to the South

Rules of fighting to the South at AE888

Players when they want to join the card game going to the South, they can join using the link to AE888 to experience it right away.

Similar to the traditional way of playing, going to the South online also uses a 52-card deck to play. Each table will have from 2 to 4 people, each person will be dealt 13 cards. Players proceed to play all the cards in their hand, whoever runs out of cards first wins.

The order of cards in going south AE888

The order of the cards when you play going south will be arranged in descending order as 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, Ace, 2. In which, 3 is the smallest card and 2 is the highest value card. The suit is also arranged in order from smallest to largest: Bich < Chuon < Ro < Co.

When playing this card game, the cards will also be able to be arranged in pairs, threes, quartets, and the same suit. However, you do not need to care about the suit, just the order in which the cards are arranged. The following player will have the task of blocking the first player to prevent them from returning. If you can’t block it, it means you lose your turn and can’t continue until you pass the round.

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Photo 2: Order of cards

The battle in each hand going to the South

Each hand is over and classified as winners and losers based on who runs out of cards first. In addition, it is also possible to further classify by chopping pigs, double pine, four quarters,…

Especially, when playing to the South, AE88 also automates the manipulation of cards, chopping pigs or suggesting moves for the player. Friend. 

Tips for playing cards to the South

To help you always take the best steps to victory. Soon, the house AE88 will share the best tips to play cards to the South. Make sure you apply, you will only win and will bring back a big bonus.

Get rid of all the junk cards as soon as possible.

People often call this way of playing “run away”. In forward, odd cards other than 2 have no value. The rule to win the card forward is that whoever plays all the cards first wins. Therefore, you need to find a way to play all the junk cards. To have a chance to get an easy win.

Photo 3: Get rid of the junk

Don’t tear the lobby apart when you go to AE88

The lobby is also considered a strong hand in the game going south. Therefore, the longer the hand in possession of the lobby, the higher the chance of winning because it is difficult for the opponent to keep up. Please keep the field, if necessary, you should only tear the field on small cards to play as trash. The bigger the last card, the better.

Practice memorization

In moving forward, the element of surprise always appears around you. Even if you have a strong hand, there are stronger hands that block you immediately. Therefore, you need to know if your opponent has strong hands or chops. But to do that, you must learn to remember the cards that have been gone before, thereby predicting the opponent’s hand.

For example, the table has 2 people holding cards and you have 2. But according to observation and memory, you see that there is no appearance of 9. Especially if you don’t have that card either. Then it can be inferred that the opponent is holding the 9th quarter and waiting to cut your 2. If you detect it carefully, you can adjust your playing style to not give your opponent the opportunity to deal.

Photo 4: Practice memorizing lessons

Above is an article to guide you how to play cards to the South of AE888 successfully. Hope the article will help you when participating in betting at this bookie. Download the AE88 application to your device to enjoy all the games smoothly!

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