How to download the latest online card games New88

How to download and play cards online in New 88 How is it? is a question many players sent to the house. How to properly install the bookmaker’s app to enjoy peace of mind. Then next is the house New88 will guide players how to download cards online via two popular operating systems for phones: IOS and Android. Specifically how to download, let’s learn through the following article:

I. How to download and play cards online with the IOS operating system

iOS is an operating system specifically for iPhones built by Apple. According to comments from recreational players, IOS is relatively smooth when playing any game.

And with betting entertainment games, it’s definitely the house New88 It is impossible to ignore the online card playing application on iOS. And the following will guide players on how to download and play cards online with the simplest operating system, which is:

For this download method, players can do it in 2 ways:

The first type is accessing the website and select download app in the list bar then select IOS operating system and wait for download.

For the second type, the player goes to the App store section and on the search toolbar, the player selects New88 and click install and wait for the download.

Note: To successfully perform these 2 steps, the player needs to be connected to an internet, 3g, Wifi device.

And that’s how to download and play cards online for the IOS operating system. However, the application will be continuously updated by the house to bring the best experience for players, so players go to settings -> then select general settings and press notification so that every time the house If you request an update, you will see the information and immediately update to the new version.

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II. How to download online card games with Android operating system

Android is currently the operating system for all mobile devices such as Samsung, Nokia, LG, Oppo, Xiaomi…

And to download card games for this operating system, players only need to follow the following steps:

Players access CH play with a white, blue, red, orange triangle. Some phone models will have a name like Play store, but most likely it will be called CH Play.

Continuing on how to download online card games for Android, a search engine will appear above, players click on the item yes New88, corresponding logo on the website and observe which app has the most downloads and stars.

Select install and accept the app download, then wait for the download process. If the app uses English language, when downloading, the player can choose to install and change the language for the game or change it right from when the app is downloaded.

After the download process is completed, the player selects settings to click on the notification section. The dealer will notify the player’s phone of promotional information or new app version updates.

III. Epilogue

Above is the latest way to download and play cards online from  New88 share. Hopefully the information just shared will help players understand more about the fastest way to download card games to their mobile phones.

Experiencing entertainment on mobile is an extremely wonderful feeling, bringing the most satisfaction. Dealer New88 Currently trying to upgrade the app even better, to bring the best and satisfied experience to players.

Register and become an official member with the house today to participate in conquering the massive card game store and receive valuable prizes right here.

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