How To Create a Hyperlink In WordPress Blog In 2021

How To Create a Hyperlink In WordPress Blog Content

If you’re a WordPress blogger who desperately needs to learn how to create a Hyperlink in WordPress blog content, I will personally walk you through my quick and easy guide that will show you how to internally link to any article and page on your blog, any Affiliate or your own product and service offers, or any other website you choose.

However, as a blogger you must first fully understand the importance of using Hyperlinks and how to use them more effectively before racing ahead of yourself, approaching the concept like a “bull in a china shop” and transforming your blog into a “spam-like” trashy looking site!

What Is a Hyperlink?

A Hyperlink (also known as an anchor link or just a link) can take the form of an underlined phrase, an image, a drop down menu, a movie or an AD. When the link is clicked on, it will either lead the visitor off to another webpage on the website, an external website, an image or a video.

In the cyberspace world, there are over a BILLION websites with literally BILLIONS of clickable links, that lead you to many invaluable resources, and information on products and services.

The Importance Of WordPress Hyperlinks & Why Create Them?

The sole purpose of incorporating Hyperlinks into the content of your WordPress blog is to give your website visitors greater user experiences, easier ways for people to navigate around your website, and more information on the article topics they are reading about.

3 Reasons Why This Will Benefit YOU, YOUR Website & YOUR Online Business

1: Internal Website Links

By linking to other webpages within your website will not only keep your readers glued to your website a while longer, but it will position you as an “Authority” within your niche and a super-cool person they can trust, the more quality articles they read.

Your visitors will be encouraged to leave their feedback, your site will be bookmarked for repeat visits and socially shared with their friends, increasing the number of visitors too.

Internal linking is also one of several “secrets to success” when it comes to SEO practices and higher search engine rankings in Google, but I will discuss Search Engine Optimization techniques in a future WordPress tutorial.

2: Affiliate Program & Your Own Product Or Service Links

By building yourself a WordPress blog and writing for a hobby is great FUN! However, I see no point in a “blogging hobby” “IF” you are not making a single penny and reaping the benefits from your hard work!

Simply by “Monetizing” your website will allow you to have the best of both worlds, my friend! Making money online from sharing your passion with others is a No Brainer!

Whether you want to share and sell your own stuff on your blog or become an Affiliate Marketer, making a full-time income online from Affiliate Programs; the Wealthy Affiliate community will help you to do it!

TIP: Do Not exceed 2 Affiliate links per blog post to avoid your content being perceived as spammy, and to avoid losing high search engine rankings in Google because the “Big G” will penalize you for doing so!

3: External Website Links

When you link out to “High Authority” sites, such as Wikipedia and Youtube, you’re giving your readers even more invaluable resources to gather information from, which builds further trust.

If you also link to other “niche related” blogs, you may gain a few extra visits from the website owners who will be notified of the links, AND there’s the potential to build relationships with those bloggers who may also return the favor, linking back to your site and sending more traffic your direction.

How To Create Internal & External Hyperlinks

You may notice I have created some Hyperlinks within this article that lead you off to other Exciting webpages on my website, and I will show you how you can copy the same methods, using my sample steps below.


Highlight the word or phrase in the draft of your post from your WP dashboard that you want to link to. For example:


Click on the link symbol.


  • Paste the URL you want to link to in the “URL” field
  • Type in the “link text” you want to use that opens the link
  • Check “Open link in new window/tab”
  • Press “Add Link”


Highlight the phrase again to Underline and even change the text color it if you wish.

How To Add Affiliate Program & Other Links

To add the Affiliate Program as well as your own links, you simply follow the same step-by-step process as above, but with a slight difference. I highly recommend you first install a WordPress plugin called “Pretty Link Lite.”


There are a few main reasons when it comes to Affiliate links:

  • The plugin will turn your “raw, ugly and sloppy” links in to professional looking ones
  • Your links are masked
  • You can track your visitor hits

Once you have installed the Pretty Link WordPress plugin, let’s get started…


From your Dashboard, hover your mouse over “Pretty Link” and click “Add New Link


  • Enter your Affiliate link in to the “Target URL” field
  • Create a name for your new “Pretty Link” URL – (Something that describes your link)
  • Create a title for your link if you wish – (But it’s not essential)
  • Check “Track Hits on this link” – (Optional)
  • Click “Update”


From your Pretty Link area, copy your new link and use it to repeat the easy 4 step process on adding internal and external links, above.

How To Add Hyperlinks In To WordPress Blog Images

Adding links in to blog images is a “piece of cake”, and here’s how:


Once you have chosen and uploaded your WordPress blog post image, click to select it.


Under Attachment Display Settings:

  • Select Link To “Custom URL”
  • Paste your link into the blank field
  • Click “Insert into Post”

Why not take the clickable image for a test run below?!

Well, that’s the end of my WordPress tutorial on Hyperlinks for today, and if you have any further questions or feedback you want to leave, please feel free to post your thoughts, below.

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