How Is Ink Cartridge Remanufactured?

Reman ink cartridge is an original name brand cartridge that has been professionally cleaned, refilled with similar quality ink, and then tested to make sure you get the same print quality as the original cartridge.

Introduction to G&G

G&G is a supplier that has been selling affordable remanufactured ink and toner cartridges for many years, delivering comparable print quality and page yield similar to the name brand, for just a fraction of the cost.

How Is Ink Cartridge Remanufactured?

Once received, the cartridges are sorted by part number and stored in a temperature-controlled environment to prevent them from drying out. They are then tested for peak performance with an electrical tester. Any remaining ink is then emptied from the cartridge and a thorough cleaning process is completed by a high-power cleaning system using demineralized water.

A custom-built ink-filling machine fills each cartridge to its exact OEM specifications.  After cleaning, each cartridge is dried and vacuum filled with high-quality ink.  The ink formula used is as close as possible to the name brand without violating patents.

The cartridges are checked to make sure they have the correct internal atmospheric pressure and are then carefully sealed to prevent leakage. Each cartridge goes through the same page yield testing as an original brand cartridge. Once a cartridge has passed the test, it’s cleaned once again, polished, heat-sealed in a vapor-resistant bag, and boxed for shipment.

As all know, the inkjet cartridges you use are important. They can be a reliable source of printing supplies. One option for finding high-quality replacement inkjet cartridges is to consider using recycled or reused cartridges. If you want more information about these cartridges, contact G&G.

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