How Does an Electric Vehicle Charger Work

Electric vehicles are cleaner, quieter, and more convenient than comparable gasoline-powered cars. However, some setbacks come with a switch to an electric vehicle; one of which is not enough charging stations. EV chargers provided by Gresgying can solve this problem.

How Does an EV Charger Work?

An electric vehicle (EV) charger works by providing a high-voltage electrical charge to a battery, which in turn enables an EV to travel. When the electric vehicle is plugged into the charger, the charging process begins and the battery is charged. EV chargers from Gresgying come in two types, direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC).

The applications of DC and AC chargers are different. DC fast chargers are widely used in public places such as service stations, fleets, and shopping malls. AC chargers are used more in residential, including underground parking lots.

How to Connect an Electric Vehicle Charger to the Car?

Firstly, find the connector for your electric vehicle.

Secondly, find an appropriate outlet. Make sure the outlet is compatible with the voltage of the charger and has enough wattage (amps) to power it.

Finally, connect the charger to the outlet using the appropriate cable. Most chargers come with a cable that connects to one end of the connector and plugs into the wall outlet on the other end.


If you’re looking to buy EV chargers wholesale, it’s important to know about the different types of chargers available and their compatibility with different models. Hope you can understand the basics of EV chargers so that you can make an informed decision.

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