Hi88 Change Domain Name – Update Latest News 2024

Information Hi88 change domain name is currently receiving the attention of many gamers. Although it does not affect entertainment activities much, this still makes many members confused. To better understand the game portal changing its domain name and feel more secure, players should follow the article below.

Update news Hi88 Latest domain name change 2024

Trang chủ Hi88 Surely players are familiar with the game portal’s previous domain nameHi88. This domain name was used from the time of launch until the time before the change, a period of about 2 years. However, recently, the game portal issued a new announcement about changing from the old domain name to the new domain name.

Currently, the playground is also using the new domain name to access the website. Therefore, players need to grasp this important information to avoid entering the wrong address, leading to many unwanted losses.

Hi88 What are the reasons for changing domain names?

Changing the domain name after 2 years is not a sudden or random action but completely planned and purposeful. Accordingly, the game portal changed its domain name for the following reasons:

Enhance security

Players need to access the domain name to be directed to the game portal home page. For safety, this domain name must be changed after a period of use. And work Hi88 change domain name same thing. The playground made this decision to improve the security system and avoid possible risks.

However, players can rest assured because this activity does not affect the experience at the website. Only the security system has been upgraded, everything else at the playground remains unchanged. Most importantly, gamers will also be better protected.

Avoid being scanned by carriers

The situation of online game portals being scanned and links blocked by Vietnamese networks seems to have become all too familiar. Many addresses are blocked and then change the domain name or set up a new website. This puts the playgrounds in a passive position.

So the Hi88 change domain name is considered a step forward taken by the game portal. So,Hi88 can avoid being scanned, having links blocked and many other consequences. This activity also brings many benefits to members as they no longer have to worry about entering the game portal but having their access blocked.

Remove impersonation websites

Hi88 change domain name also aims to eliminate impersonated addresses for illegal profit. Because many individuals and organizations have taken advantage of their reputationHi88 to create many similar addresses for fraud purposes. This domain name change activity helps players easily identify legitimate sites and stay away from fake websites.
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Players can update news Hi88 Where to change domain name?

Usually, the new information will beHi88 Update on the website or send to contact channels. So members will get the latest information. However, to understand more clearly, gamers can refer to the news through the following methods:

  • View notifications from the linked email at the time of registration to stay informed Hi88 change domain name and many other announcements.
  • Through the game app: Players can go to the mobile app downloaded to their phone to update the new domain name and access the web next time.
  • Through fanpageHi88: The game portal will update domain name change announcements as well as major events right on the official fanpage. Players should follow the fanpage to not miss important news,…

FAQs – Answer questions about work Hi88 change domain name

Regarding this issue, players still have many questions that need to be answered. Include:

After changing the domain name, Hi88 What did?

After performing this operation,Hi88 announced publicly on the official website and fanpage and sent notices to each member. Thereby ensuring all players understand the information.

Which domain name should players use to enter? Hi88?

Hi88 change domain name from old to new address and notice has been given. Gamers should use the new domain name to access and participate in entertainment. In addition, you should not reuse the old domain name to avoid problems and risks.

Hi88 How many domain names are there?

Hi88 There is only one domain name currently in use. Any other website with references as sub-addresses ofHi88 are all fake. Players need to stay away from those addresses to avoid being scammed, having their money stolen, etc.

The article above has updated game portal information Hi88 change domain name latest as well as some related things. We hope that all players will understand each item clearly and participate in the entertainment in the safest and most complete way.

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