Hashimoto Precision: Respond Promptly to Your Requests

Hashimoto Precision is worth a look if you’re searching for a stamping parts manufacturer. In addition to designing and manufacturing steel components such as die designs and stamping, they may also employ non-ferrous metals to generate the necessary result.

Hashimoto Precision

In December 2002, the Hashimoto Chinese plant was created. In 2012, Hashimoto Precision, headquartered in Japan, purchased the property and erected a second facility in Hanoi, Vietnam. We always invent and enhance our goods to satisfy our clients’ ever-changing demands. Our mission is to give our clients the highest quality goods and services to help them achieve their goals.

Die Design

Die design is crucial to the success of any stamping endeavor. At Hashimoto Precision, we have a team of skilled die designers that can swiftly develop a bespoke die to fit your precise specifications. We use the most advanced CAD tools to build practical and cost-effective dies. Once your die has been created, our expert machinists will produce it to strict specifications.

Mass Stamping Production

The stamping process is a crucial production procedure in a variety of sectors. It is used to manufacture intricately shaped and detailed items. The method uses a die to cut or stamp the desired form into the material. Hashimoto Precision has a wealth of expertise in mass-production stamping. We can promptly provide high-quality components that suit your demands.

Molding and Casting

There are several techniques for producing metal components, but stamping is among the most efficient and adaptable. For instance, Hashimoto Precision has more than seven decades of expertise in stamping, and our engineers are masters in die design and stamping mass production. Consequently, we can swiftly satisfy your demands for any size or kind of stamped component.

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