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Haohua Machine: Pioneering Innovation in PVC Production Lines

When it comes to PVC production lines, Haohua Machine is a name that stands out for its commitment to innovation and quality. Specializing in a wide range of machinery, including PVC making machines, pipe machines, and various PVC lines, Haohua Machine offers solutions that cater to diverse needs in the industry.

Diverse PVC Production Lines for Various Applications

Haohua Machine’s PVC lines include a variety of options to suit different production needs. The PVC profile line, for example, can produce a range of profiles used in door and window frames, skirting boards, decorative lines, and even WPC decks. These profiles find applications in background walls, door frames, and elevator door frames, showcasing the versatility of Haohua Machine’s machinery.

Efficient PVC Pipe Production with Haohua Machine

PVC making machines offered by Haohua Machine is another standout product. Capable of producing PVC pipes with diameters ranging from 16mm to 800mm, this machine is essential for threading pipes, building drainage systems, and water supply lines. Its ability to switch between different pipe diameters and wall thicknesses with ease makes it a versatile choice for PVC pipe manufacturers.

Innovative Solutions for PVC Sheet and Panel Production

Haohua Machine’s PVC gusset wall panel production line is designed for convenience and efficiency. The production process mimics that of logs, allowing for easy nailing, cutting, and drilling. The resulting wall panels are smooth, requiring no painting, and offer better stability and durability compared to natural logs.


To conclude, Haohua Machine continues to lead the way in PVC production machinery. With a focus on innovation and quality, their PVC making machines, pipe machines, and PVC lines are trusted by manufacturers worldwide. Whether you’re looking for a solution for PVC profiles, pipes, sheets, or panels, Haohua Machine has the expertise and technology to meet your needs. Partner with Haohua Machine today and experience the difference in your PVC production processes.

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