Guide to Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities for your Website 

Over the past few years, digital marketing has skyrocketed. With search engine optimization being a major factor in determining success for your business; it has further given birth to several strategies. There are different link-building techniques that can be used to build your presence in the online world. And one of them is guest blogging or posting.

Guest blogging can be a helpful method to get more exposure and position your authority in the industry. But the question is; how to find guest bloggers who will willingly post content for you? 

Building your website and its authority is a time-consuming task. But once your audience begins to flourish, you pay more close attention to your content to make sure that your followers stay engaged with you. And with the help of high authority guest bloggers and websites, you can keep the engagement alive. 

Benefits of Guest Blogging:

We have all heard about the many benefits of guest blogging, the major ones being the following:

  • Building authoritative backlinks for your website. 
  • Building your name in the industry.
  • Magnetizing more traffic back to your website and getting the exposure that you require. 

However, the truth about guest blogging is beyond just link building as Google is not a huge fan of it. Thus, looking for the right opportunities and building your website’s engagement is far more important than simply building links. But we will get back to that part later on. 

How to Look for Guest Blogging Opportunities:

Understanding guest blogging and how it works is the first step to taking a leap toward this strategy. Determine what you want to achieve through guest blogging and once done, you have to look for opportunities. 

The most important step to consider, during your hunt for guest blogging opportunities is to look for websites or blogs from your same niche or overall industry. Moreover, the blogger must post relevant content that resonates with what you have to offer. Also, it is very important to find a blogger who is active on social media. 

  1. Google Search:

To begin with, start looking for guest blogging opportunities through Google. There are different keywords that can help you look for the best blogger or website. 

  • Guest post
  • Guest post by
  • Guest post guidelines 
  • Accepting guest posts 

These keywords will help you look for guest post submission pages or guest posting websites and bloggers with high authority. 

  1. Look for Guest Bloggers and Influencers:

We are all well aware of the term “influencer” now. If you research vigilantly about your industry, you might have a few famous names on the top of your mind. There are many famous marketing guest bloggers like Neil Patel, Anna Crow, and Brien Harnish. Likewise, your industry will have some of the top names. If you know about them, great. But if you don’t; look up for them. 

You can search on Google for the best guest bloggers in your specific industry. It will help you look for the best ones and the emerging ones too. If you have an acquaintance with any influencer or guest blogger; you can also ask them for a favor. 

Elsewise, you can reach out to the best ones and read through their guest posting policies to get an insight into how they work. 

  1. Communicate:

Once you have a few names on the list; it is time to communicate with them. And forget about it. Stop tapping your feet, waiting for them to get back to you right away. It can easily take a week or even more. Be patient. 

However, it is important to understand whatever you will be communicating with them, once they get back to you. Research extensively to get the best out of the deal for yourself.

Is Guest Blogging a Good Strategy?

We all know the basics; guest blogging brings authority to your website, boosts your visibility, and offers more value to your business. 

Now, the perks that guest blogging has to offer are incredible (no doubt about it). But there is actually no purpose for it, until and unless you leverage that traffic. Moreover, if you are focusing on guest posting, just because you want to get more links; you are going against the algorithm and organic search regulations. 

You might just wake up one day and Google has changed its algorithm and all the links, simply go to waste. But this is where you can change the game and focus on building your subscription too. Capture the visitors that come through the link and create your subscriber base. 

This aids in building stronger, long lasting relationships with your customers or overall audience. And whenever you have a new product or an announcement; you market yourself to them directly via an email or social media profile or maybe a giveaway (whatever suits you). 

So, is it worth it? Is it a good strategy? Yes, it definitely is. However, it is beyond just link building and the majority of people fail to understand guest blogging properly. If you shift your focus from mere link building and strategize it to build more relationships with your customers; it will be more worthy. 


A few years back, a lot of people predicted that guest posting or blogging was done and dusted. However, in the past few years, it has simply skyrocketed. The growth that this strategy has experienced in the past few years is massive. It is alive and is helping websites build their authority in a very smart manner. 

Guest blogging has certainly stood the test of time properly. It is a major link building technique that does not go wrong (if done right). However, shifting your perspective a bit can help you benefit a lot more from it, rather than just building links that might die out as soon as the algorithm changes. 

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