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Funingpu’s Pharmaceutical Gelatin: Enhancing Tablet Production with Adhesion and Quality

Funingpu, a renowned manufacturer of pharmaceutical gelatin, offers a high-grade gelatin product that plays a critical role in tablet production. With its adhesive properties and superior quality, Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin serves as an essential component in tablet formulations, providing pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers with a reliable solution for creating tablets with optimal adhesion, temperature resistance, and hardness.

The Advantages of Funingpu’s Pharmaceutical Gelatin

Through complex physicochemical treatment, Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin undergoes transformation into a high-quality gelatin suitable for pharmaceutical applications. It exhibits notable physical characteristics such as high viscosity, high freezing power, and ease of freezing. When used in tablet production, Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin acts as an adhesive or tablet coating, imparting important qualities to the tablets. The adhesive effect of the gelatin ensures strong adhesion, temperature resistance, and the hardness of the tablets. The quality and variety of gelatin directly impact the method and quality of the tablets produced. Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin, known for its superior standards, provides tablets with higher adhesive and binding properties. As a result, these tablets possess increased hardness, exhibit longer disintegration times, and offer a more uniform release of medication.


Funingpu’s gelatin, derived from premium sources and subjected to meticulous processing, ensures optimal tablet properties such as adhesion, temperature resistance, and hardness. Trust Funingpu as your preferred supplier of pharmaceutical gelatin and benefit from their commitment to excellence and product integrity. With Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin, tablet formulations achieve superior cohesion and durability, leading to tablets that deliver consistent dosages and improved patient outcomes.

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