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ForwardX AMRs: Extraordinary Automation Solution

ForwardX believes it is important to use AMRs to optimize the existing collaboration system and workflow in the logistics and warehousing industry. AMRs are not just automated handling tools from A to B. ForwardX’s intelligent AMRs are smart industrial robots based on three intelligent capabilities: sensing + decision + control, which can facilitate the automation of business operations.

A more flexible approach to in-warehouse logistics efficiency

Nowadays, warehouse logistics demand is changing rapidly. Traditional logistics automation equipment has high investment costs and a long deployment cycle, which is difficult to cope with huge fluctuations and changes. If companies move their warehouses, they need to spend money and time on automation again. Through such a traditional model, it is obvious that there needs to be more flexiblility because it has already been difficult to respond to the needs of all parties.

ForwardX is building the supply chain to be more automated

Flexible picking solutions conquer logistics industry problems one by one, replacing the traditional picking model. With the ForwardX f(x) cluster scheduling system and AMRs’ powerful stand-alone intelligence, the logistics automation requirements in multiple scenarios can effectively and precisely meet the diverse needs of different warehouse types. The innovative ForwardX drives the flexible automation solutions that customers need.

Such a flexible AMR-based solution can provide new ideas for the automation transformation of enterprises. Visit ForwardX’s official website for more information on using their AMRs in the logistics and warehousing industry!

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