How to follow a blog on WordPress

How to follow a blog on WordPress

Do you want to follow a blog post on WordPress then you are in the right place?

Today, I am going to discuss how to follow a blog on WordPress?

If you want to follow a blog post then every single new post will appear from that site in your reader section.

Most importantly, you can read the latest article also, if you want, you can get notification by email.

how to follow a blog on wordpress

How to Follow Blog post

Do you have a WordPress account? If you have then Firstly, login and press the follow button, which you will find in the right-side corner of every kind of WordPress site.

follow blog post

Every blog post which is published by the site owner will appear in your reader’s function. Also, if you want, you can get notified by email.

The most significant thing is that you can change your setup if you want.

You can change your settings to Instant, Daily, or Weekly Shipping, or skip email notifications.

If you don’t have any WordPress Account

If you don’t have a WordPress account then you have to press the following icon.

follow without account

Afterwards, you will find a box which is asking for the email address where you want to send a new blog post.

Be sure to click the approval link in the email we referred you. You will not collect email reports for new posts and updates until you approve your subscription request.

blog widgets

If you want, you can also follow a blog post by using blog widget in a website’s sidebar.

Follow a blog on

To include a blog from Tumblr, Blogger, or any other support from your readers, click Manage:

follow on

At the top of the page, you will find a text box, there you will enter the URL of that side which you want to follow.

blog post

Press enter and after publishing a future blog post on that blog site, you will see that post on your reader section.

blogpost following

If you follow a number of sites then you can see the last site at the top of the site list what you have followed.

Change your Email setting

First of all, you have to go to “‘My Sites'” then “notifications” afterwards “Reader subscriptions”.

change your email setting

Now you can change your default email delivery systems for every single blog you follow.

If you set up a Jabbar account, you can now get a new gift by checking the case to the default delivery via Jabbar Instant Message via Instant Messenger (IM).

Manage email and IM settings for specific blogs

Per blog basis, if you want to change your email preferences then just press manage in your reader section.

And press the arrow button which is next to the title of those blogs that you have followed.

Manage email and IM settings for specific blogs

And the most important thing is to select all frequencies of every single blog for email notifications.

How to Unfollow a blog on WordPress?

Firstly, you have to check that you have already logged into your account. Then visit that site which one you want to unfollow from your list.

And you will find the following button at the right-side corner, just press on it. Your work will be done.

Also, you can press the reader section. If you click edit then you can see every blog site that you follow.

Just select the blog which one you really love to remove from your list.

Afterwards, press the green text ‘” following”‘ and stop getting notifications from that site.

If you want you can check our another article which is blog vs article. Also, here you will get types of blog niches idea.

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