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Fireplace Mantel Match up Trim Or Ground?

Fireplaces can create a room therefore cozy, especially throughout the chilly months. A fireplace mantel’s color and exactly how it is set up has a substantial impact about how comfy make together some sort of room looks. And so even without some sort of roaring fire, the appropriately located and even coordinated mantle reflects the eye by any place throughout the room. Many of us researched high and even low to identify if the open fireplace mantel should fit the room’s lean or floor.

Many house owners paint typically the mantle the identical coloring as either typically the walls or typically the floor. However, that is most popular for a fireplace mantel to match or perhaps complement the lean. Matching an open fireplace mantle and lean helps tie the complete room together throughout a very sophisticated fashion. However, typically the fireplace mantel is definitely also an outstanding possibility to express your fashion by including each of our right decor.

Considering the potential fireplaces include, it can always be hard to pick to position some sort of mantel and put together it with typically the room. Read on while we look into tips on how to install and enhance a mantel.

Can one Paint A Real Wood Mantel?

In almost all cases, yes, an individual can paint some sort of wood mantle. Art work your wood mantel can be some sort of great way to be able to breathe new living into an in any other case drab room. When you want to mix things upward a bit, a piece of art with a wood mantle to match the particular floor molding (trim) can be a good way to move some misconception in addition to tying the space together.

When considering whether or not you want in order to or if you possibly can color your wood mantle, the very first thing to consider is usually the wood alone. If the solid wood is rough, this may must be sanded down or may possibly require extra color. If your solid wood mantel has currently been painted and you also want to color about this in some sort of darker color, that should be rather straightforward. Regardless, an individual will likely need sandpaper and on least three tiers of paint.

What exactly Type Of Fresh paint Should You Apply On the Fireplace Mantel?

To get a fireplace, semi-gloss acrylic paint is usually ideal. While olive oil and other chemicals will function properly on the fireplace, the particular heat will at some point cause them to lose their color.

Most paints in addition to finishes are heat-proof, very safe regarding fireplace mantels. Nevertheless, avoid painting your own fireplace mantel together with fireproof paints in addition to finishes for example intumescent coating and chemicals because they may puff up in addition to swell with the particular application of heating.

While not all fireproof paints behave in this manner, most currently have a similar effect. When in hesitation, do not possibly be afraid might be some sort of paint expert or perhaps do a speedy google search in that specific fresh paint.

Where Should Some Sort of Mantel Be Inserted?

Ideally, the bottom level of an open fireplace mantel is located one foot above a fireplace beginning. That is a very significant rule, every cheaper and the mantel can become some sort of fire hazard. Throughout the United Areas, this mantel location is required inside housing codes with the National Fire Security Agency.

The mantle can be larger than 12 in ., but 12 in . is generally well suited for safety and type. This is certainly typically proceeding to be about four and a half feet coming from the floor towards the base of the particular mantle. It may vary a little bit coming from home to house, based on how taller your fireplace is usually set.

You will need to precisely measure above the particular bottom of the particular mantle towards the fireplace. So if your current mantle is 4 inches thick, at this time there needs to possibly be a minimum involving 16 inches via the major of the mantle to be able to the fireplace beginning. The easiest approach to make this happen can be to get some sort of one-foot ruler together with make sure that fits between typically the mantle and typically the opening.

How Deeply Should Your Mantel Be?

An open fireplace mantel should increase approximately three inches wide beyond the fireplace’s opening. While that can be greater, it should definitely not be shallower as compared to three inches.

That is not bundled in most enclosure codes, but possessing less than several inches beyond typically the fireplace’s opening is actually a potential fire chance. Three inches enables enough space in order to soundly hang ornamental items, such as Christmas stockings, coming from the mantle.

If the mantle extends 6 inches beyond the particular fireside opening, folks walking by may be more likely to run directly into it. Therefore, about three to six in . beyond the fireside opening is the particular ideal range.

When you are setting up a mantle yourself, do not just “eyeball” the mantle’s detail and height. Carrying out is actually a fireplace hazard and may well not be up in order to the housing code. Any time in doubt, request your neighbors as well as other sources what they will do for the mantel.


In summary, some sort of fireplace mantel suits either the lean or the floorboards, several designers advise the mantel will need to match the lean. The lower of typically the mantel should likewise possibly be located at the very least an even dozen inches over some sort of fireplace opening which is ideally three inches wide deep.

To combine some misconceptions, timber mantels may be handcrafted. Having a focus, grouping items, together with adding variety can also be great ways.

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