How To Embed a Youtube Video In WordPress Blog In 2021

How To Embed a YouTube Video In WordPress Blog Content

Do you need help with adding videos to your blog posts, pages or even widgets?

Then let me share with you, some very simple steps on how to embed a Youtube video into WordPress content to add that add visual appeal to your website, to create the “WOW Factor” and make more money online!

Mind-Blowing Online Video Statistics That You Didn’t Know!

Now that we have shifted into a new digital age of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, more people across the planet are filming, uploading, watching, and sharing videos like “crazy cats”, than ever before!

As an online business owner, this presents a real big opportunity to spice up your website, drive more organic social media and search engine traffic from your content being shared or through creating your own videos, and obviously to grow your online empire for bigger profits if you’re writing product reviews as an Affiliate Marketer or even promoting your own products as a Shopify e-commerce storefront owner, for example.

10 Mind-Boggling Youtube Video Facts!

  1. 300+ hours of video footage is uploaded every 60 seconds
  2. On average, a visitor spends 88% more time on your website
  3. 64% of website visitors are more likely to buy product recommendations from you
  4. Mobile devices create almost 40% of viewing time
  5. 1.8 MILLION words are the equivalent to a 1-minute video
  6. Each day you will get more than 4 million visitors
  7. Over 3 BILLION hours of viewing every month
  8. Here monthly visitors will be 8 million
  9. Youtube Mobile receives over 600 MILLION views every single day
  10. The number of visitors from mobile devices tripled in 2011

Do you see the potential here for your online business and success rate?

How To Easily Add a Youtube Video To An Article In WordPress

There are 2 very quick and easy methods you can use to add a Youtube video into a post or a page on your WordPress blog, and here’s how:

Option 1 (The Quickest Way Of Doing It)


Visit and enter a topic into the search bar. I will search for a Wealthy Affiliate review to find a video for my example.


Grab the video URL in your main web browser’s search bar by highlighting and copying the whole link.


Paste the link where ever you want the video to be visible within the body of your WordPress post or page. It’s important you have the “Visual” option selected in your post Editor area for the video to be displayed.

Your video will be live and ready to watch in the blink of an eye! So grab the popcorn, the soda, chillax and enjoy the show on Wealthy Affiliate!

Option 2 (Using HTML Code)


Underneath the video on YouTube, click on “Share”, “Embed”, highlight the HTML and copy it.


Select the “Text” option within your WordPress Editor area, and paste the HTML video code. Then simply hit the “Preview” tab to watch the video on your website and “Publish” when happy. Job done!

Adding a Youtube Video To a WordPress Sidebar Widget

The process of implementing a Youtube video in to your blog’s sidebar is an identical one to the HTML method above.


From your WordPress Dashboard, select “Appearance” and “Widgets.”


If not already there, drag a “Text” widget from the “Available Widgets” area (using the left mouse button) to your sidebar.

Click on the small “Text” widget arrow pointing downwards, to open up a white box.


Paste the Youtube video HTML code into the box, click “Save”, and you’re ready to Rock N’ Roll, my friend! Visit your WordPress blog’s main home page or any post and page to see the video in action in the sidebar.

If you have any questions or comments on this WordPress YouTube tutorial, please post your thoughts below.

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