Easy-to-Win Rules for Playing Scratch Cards from ExpertsNew88

What is scratch card playing? Is it simple for new players? What to note when playing this game? Where should you play to win easily? Let’s New88 Today Find out all about it right here.

What is scratch card playing?

Scratch card is a prize-winning card game at many online casinos, using a deck of 52 cards (no Joker cards), originating from Europe, popularly played in Hong Kong, Macau and Guangxi (China).

  • The form of playing scratch cards is considered to be very simple, at the beginning the Dealer will deal each person 3 cards, then they will compare the cards with each other, whichever side has the higher score will win.
  • The attraction of this game is that the betting time is very fast, each game only takes a few minutes so you can win big or empty-handed in just a few bets. Furthermore, when playing, the winning or losing results will largely depend on your luck. You just need to bet money and compare cards.
  • Scratch cards do not need to be calculated or analyzed like joker or Tien Len Nam and other games.

Rules of scratch cards

A table will have a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 6 people. One player will have 3 cards. You can view the cards in your hand privately or publicly.

The detailed way to calculate card points is as follows:

  • Ace card: 1 point, cards from 2-10 are calculated by the equivalent number of points written on the card, J,Q,K cards: 10 points
  • Your score is the total score of the 3 cards combined (lowest is 0 points and highest is 9 points).

In scratch cards, there are some special card rankings as follows:

  • Wax: means that 3 cards of the same value form a suit. In which suit A is the highest, the value of a suit is calculated according to the value of that card.
  • Lieng: is a deck of cards with 3 consecutive cards, the value of the sacred suits is also calculated as the wax suit.
  • Ba Tay: 3 cards shaped like a human head including J, Q, K have equal value.

If you own any 3 cards J, Q, K, you win immediately, the game does not count.

How to play scratch cards

When starting to play scratch cards, you place a bet, then the Dealer will proceed to deal each member 3 cards face down.

After the cards are dealt, each player will base on the 3 dealt cards to make the following choices:

  • Raise: If you see a high total score of 3 cards, you can add more bets to increase the prize
  • Call: The player has the right to call or not call the player who has chosen to raise. However, if you choose to follow, the bet will have to be equal to the previous bettor’s
  • Set your cards: If you realize that your cards have no chance of winning, you can choose to set your cards. However, you should consider when choosing because it means all bets will be lost.
  • Raise all: Bet all your bets if you feel your hand will have the highest score and no one else will be higher. If you win the bet, you will bet big, but if you lose, you will lose all your money.

Instructions for participating in playing scratch cards at New88

New88 is one of the addresses for playing cards for real money that is popular with many people in Vietnam. This bookmaker is licensed to operate by recognized international gambling organizations, so your interests are always best guaranteed.

  • Step 1: Log in at the house New88.
  • Step 2: Deposit money into your game account. If you have a lot of capital, deposit more, if you have thin capital, deposit less.
  • Step 3: Go to the home page and select scratch cards.
  • Step 4: Join the card lobby in accordance with your capital.

The rest will depend on the level and luck of the bettor.

Few people know the trick to always win when playing scratch cards

Way play scratch cards Although quite simple, to win, you need to equip your own knowledge and strategies. Here are some tips for playing effectively New88 Share and invite you to refer to:

  • Before entering the scratch-off games, understand the rules of the game and how to calculate points to find a reasonable method and way to play.
  • When playing, you should maintain your composure in all circumstances, because in scratch card games, if you cannot stay calm, you will lose 50%.
  • You should find players with larger capital because if you do, you will increase your chances of making money from them.
  • Know where to stop at the right time to preserve your capital, because there are many people who, when they win continuously, get greedy and when they lose, they want to recover, so they continue to play and without knowing where to stop, they will lose everything.
  • Have a clear capital management plan from the beginning like playing Southern Tien Len card games, avoid losing your sanity, not being able to bet correctly leading to losses, losing all your money and even going into debt. .


Above is all the useful information introducing scratch cards and how to play to help players have more chances to win great prizes. However, if you still have other questions or concerns, please comment below,New88 will respond to you as soon as possible!

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