Buying Furniture? Why not Rent Them Instead?

Renting has come a long way from a decade ago, when it was considered taboo and owning things gave people a feeling of pride. Due to peer pressure, people used to spend a lot of money on things they would only use for a short amount of time. The rental market has now multiplied into many categories as a result of worldwide exposure and knowledge. 

According to a PricewaterhouseCoopers estimate, India accounts for 10% of the worldwide rental culture, which is predicted to reach USD 335 billion by 2025. Apart from flats, anything may now be rented, including vacation houses, clothes, shoes, luxury bags, toys, luxury cars, and so on, and furniture is no exception.

Advantages Of Renting Over Buying:-

  1. One of the most appealing aspects of renting is the opportunity to experiment with several furniture styles before settling on the one that best suits your needs. 
  2. Your furniture taste and style preferences are likely to vary and evolve over time. And you can’t expect to replace your furniture every time this happens.
  3.  Renting allows you to try on various styles before investing your hard-earned cash. Whether you want a dining table on rent or sofa, renting allows you the flexibility to alter the concept of your room or your entire house without worrying about the costs.

Why To Choose Furniture On Rent?

  1. It is not necessary to purchase furnishings in accordance with the house that one has rented. Instead, if you rent furniture online, one can turn a rental apartment into a comfortable home. 
  2. While EMIs can be used to spread the expense of furniture ownership, this might put a strain on one’s finances, specifically when it comes to fixtures and fittings, which have a limited life.
  3.  Easy monthly rentals or rentals tailored to your needs could be a far better financial option than paying large EMIs for furniture that goes out of style or becomes broken. 
  4. Furniture that is purchased must also be moved while relocating from one location to another. This will entail contacting packers and movers, and each movement will shorten the furniture’s lifespan. 
  5. Furniture, unlike a mansion or gold, only depreciates in value. As a result, if you plan to sell it, you’ll only earn a fraction of what you paid for it. 
  6. Instead of being stuck with outdated furniture that you have to live with only because you invested in it, renting furniture allows you to use furniture that is contemporary and to your preference. 

Some furniture rental companies offer complete home furnishing packages, making it much easier to choose furniture for your home. These come with everything you need to make your home a comfortable place to live, including living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture. Purchasing furniture can take a long time, and having custom-made furniture manufactured to fit your home can be rather costly. Renting furniture allows you to decorate your entire home in only a few days and gives you access to a wider range of possibilities.

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