Blog Vs Article| Difference Between Blog and Article

Blog Vs Article| Difference Between Blog and Article

Do you want to know what’s the difference between blog vs article?

Then I must say that you are in the correct place. Here I am going to share the differences between blog and article.

We are going through the period of the internet and the most important thing has changed our whole life.

Most importantly, we have got changes in writing. So, if you are looking for the difference between Blog Vs Article then you are in the correct place.

If you see the dissimilarity between Blogs and articles then you will be surprised. Because they have some key differences.

That’s why I have decided to share this topic right now.

Nowadays, maximum writers are confused that what’s the difference between these two-sector and how much they should pay for it.

So, let’s talk about these two sectors which will help you to get more money If you understand perfectly.

the most significant part you have to understand is that you are writing for the online audience, not for yourself.

If you understand this two-part then you have to follow this guideline so that you can defer easily.

Difference Between Blog Vs Article

Blog Post Article
The blog will be your point of view Your point of view is not permissible in the article
The blog has no interview or any type of research It has several interview and research from the experts
Blog’s form will be short The article will longer than 300 words
In the blog, SEO keyword is very much important In the article, SEO keyword is not important
Grammatical things and Spelling are optional But the grammatical thing is very much important in the article writing
The writing style will be casual And writing style of the article will be more sophisticated 
The editor is not necessary for the blog But in the article section editor is very much important and they will clean up your article.
Blog price is very cheap like, per blog start $5 to $20 But articles pay according to the word. Such as, per word .05$ to .10$

SEO Keyword

If you want to viral your blog then you need to get what is SEO. Because SEO assists your content to reach the visitors and your blog will be popular day by day.

Suppose, you are writing about gardening and you choose some keywords like Gardening tips, gardening tools, rooftop gardening, And so on.

Now, for your keyword, your article will bomb on google. And after a few times later you will get a ton of traffic organically.

On the other hand, the Article doesn’t depend on the keyword because it’s not necessary for any article.

most importantly, the article publishes in the magazine. Even though it publishes on the internet, but they don’t seriously add some keywords for google ranking.

Personal point of View

Maximum articles see the personal point of view, but the majority of articles, follow their criteria, information, report, statistic, and so on.

On the other hand, Blogs share their personal point of view which is extremely important for blogging.

Also, nowadays, Blog depends on reportage, information but they really love to provide their personal opinion.


If I say something about the article, you need to know that article is written for popular and big publications.

And it goes through the editing process so that we can there have no problems.

On the other hand, If I say something about the blog, then I must say that blog is self-publish and there hasn’t any restriction like the article.

Also, it goes through normal editing. The main characteristics of blogging are reviewing, self-opinion, everything about yourself that you want to share with your audience. Everything includes in the blog.

Length and style

Different type of writing style is the most important dissimilarity of blog and article also the length is extremely important.

Statistics said that blog’s length will be 300 to 1000 words. But if I say the length of the article then I must say that there have several types of the article which are extremely important and from 1500 to 5000+ words can a perfect length for an article.

If I about the tone of blogs then I must say that it’s very familiar and casual, on the other hand, the article follows the journalistic style.

The dissimilarity of the writing of an article and blog will give you the benefit to target your audience perfectly.

Also, you have to understand what type of content makes your impact on your site or business that a really important thing to understand.

The most significant thing is that the expectation of your audience and visitor. If they get their information on your blog that’s going to be an amazing thing.

How writers can earn more

If you are a writer then you must know about the mindset of your clients. Because the maximum client’s expectation is very cheap.

If you are a writer then you have to understand what your client asking for and their requirements.

And depends on your package and the quality of your work you can get paid. The great news for all writers is that they will get paid a high payment for writing blogs and articles.

Nowadays, blog post’s length is increasing and writers are getting amazing payments than articles.

But the payment of the author will depend on the marketplace.

Some suggested steps:

Confirm it: Firstly, you have to confirm that your client needs a blog post or article. Ask them perfectly how many articles or blog needs and word lengths?

Influence them: If you want to sell your gig then you must have to provide something like a pro writer.

Sell your article or blog: If you want to sell your article then you can sell through social media and you can give your pro idea and drive some keywords while you write something for your client.

Most importantly, you should share the news about ranking what you know.

sell your blog: If you have an existing blog then you can on the marketplace and get more money.

Final Words

Finally, I would like to say that in this post I have discussed the difference between blog vs article which is extremely important to know the writer. If you want to know anything then you can ask me in the comment section.

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