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What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online In 2022

What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online And How Do You Get Started?

Google, Yahoo, and Bing are overflowing with endless ads and articles on ways to make money online which makes you overwhelmed. So really, what is the best way to make money online and how can you easily get started for Free?

To answer your question, I will give you a rundown of the 10 most popular ways to earn some money on the internet, keeping you in a state of suspense by saving the very best method until last.

Very cruel of me, I know!

Have you ever searched Google for online money making opportunities, only to discover ads like:

  • Extra Money from Home
  • Play The Lotto
  • Free Bingo
  • Earn “X Amount” Per Week Online
  • Earn “X Amount” Per Survey
  • Last Chance To Join Today

And articles like:

  • 40 Easy Ways To Make Quick Money
  • 20 Ways To Make Money In Your Spare Time
  • 35 Ways To Earn Easy Money
  • 20 Weird Ways To Generate An Income

It’s so time consuming, confusing and frustrating when you’re sifting through a sea of information isn’t it, because you just don’t know what to do, where or how to start online?

There are a lot of online opportunities I have found to be big steaming piles of “cow dung” and won’t put nothing more than peanuts in your bank account, so I will show you the real proven opportunities you can work at in your spare time from home that will actually put some cash in your pocket.

Remember though, I’m saving the real BIG money earner until the very end of this article!

Best Way to Make Money Online

 10: eBay

eBay is the world’s largest marketplace for you to connect with buyers and sell brand new products or your 2nd hand items. It’s a popular choice for a lot of people who want to shift unwanted possessions, declutter their homes and make money from doing so in the process.

If you’re serious enough about earning a real income from, you can learn to become a Power Seller, start up your own eBay store and use a drop-shipping company such as to store and deliver items to your customers.

9: Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest shopping websites in the world, and stocks just about any everyday item you can imagine, to a certain extent! provides you with a service called (FBA) – “Fulfillment By Amazon.” You purchase your personal goods wholesale, refer them to the Amazon fulfillment midpoint and they’ll store, pack as well as ship your orders to your customers. This service will help you to:

  • Increase the number of your sales
  • Sell easily throughout Europe
  • Save time and money
  • Improve your customer satisfaction

Once Amazon has sold and shipped your items, they take their commissions and send you the remaining money your products have generated.

FBA is becoming more popular with people and is a great way for you to earn some money on the side or a full-time income.

8: Swag bucks

Swagbucks is a cool and fun way to earn some rewards online from mostly doing the daily activities that you’re already doing.

You’re rewarded with (SB) “Swag Bucks” which can be redeemed for gift cards, Paypal cash and other rewards just for taking part in FUN activities like:

  • Searching for stuff
  • Taking part in surveys
  • Shopping
  • Game playing
  • Reading online content

You can also earn money from referring others to the program who participate in the same activities too. You will never become super rich from this, but it’s an exciting way to pass your time.

7: Fiverr

Do you have any special digital skills or services you can offer people on the internet?

Fiverr is global market place where people search for specific tasks to be performed called “Gigs” or “micro-jobs” for $5. This can range from:

  • Wanting more traffic on their websites
  • Videos to be created
  • Content to be produced
  • Graphics and images to be created
  • Business card designs
  • Eye catching resumes
  • HTML help
  • Virtual Assistants required

If you have what it takes to provide a service to people, you can create your own Gigs on for $5 a pop!

6: Listverse

Do you really enjoy and love writing?

Then this will be right up your street…

Become a successful Freelance Writer and earn a good amount of money online, providing you’re dedicated and have a great deal of time to invest in to producing content.

Listverse will reward you with $100 through Paypal for every “good quality” piece of content you write that’s at least 1,500 words in length and is basically a list of 10 items minimum.

You don’t need to be an experienced writer or an expert in the field, but a great sense of humor, English skills, and a passion for all things that are unusual and interesting are the criteria that is looking for.

5: Leapforce

Leapforce enables you to balance your life by allowing you to work in your own time at home as an independent agent.

As a member of, you will put your acute analytical skills to the test and provide valuable feedback as well as insight for the big companies of today, such as Google!

If you meet Leapforce’s requirements and they hire you as an agent, you will basically be paid a decent hourly income to view and rank others websites in your spare time.

4: LiveOps

How are your people skills?

As an agent of, you can work from home as a call center representative and help to deliver high levels of customer service and satisfaction to the general public.

Your salary is nearly $10 an hour + commissions and is a fantastic way to earn some money if you love dealing with people, helping to answer questions, solve problems and fancy a bit of a fun challenge.

3: Speak Write

Have you ever heard of Transcription jobs?

Your job as a Transcriptionist basically involves typing up what is spoken out to you directly from an audio recording. is the leader in the field when it comes to Transcription and Dictation services. As a Speak Write typist, you can work from the comfort of your own home as and when you want, and you will receive up to $15 an hour for your work.

Not a bad income if you can do it full-time!

2: Blogging

Blogging has turned in to one of the biggest ways to make money on the internet because you have so many options available and you can move in any direction you please.

So how can you get advantage from blogging?

  • Sell your own products
  • Promote your eBay listings
  • Sell ad space to organizations
  • Promote other products in return for commissions
  • Offer your Fiverr services
  • Promote your own business
  • Share your YouTube videos
  • Provide valuable information to people
  • Become an authority in your niche

You can approach blogging from numerous angles and you can certainly see the advantages to having your own blog above, and the ways you can make money.

But how do you build a blog and learn how to make money online from it?


Build your Free WordPress blog below:

Affiliate Marketing (The Best  Way To Make Money Online)

Affiliate Marketing is THE KING when it comes to making money online because it blows nearly EVERYTHING else out of the water… That’s how powerful it is!

How does Affiliate Marketing work? Here’s How…

So why become an Affiliate Marketer?

Here are 20 impressive reasons…

  1. You can make money from promoting any product online
  2. You have no stock to hold or products to buy
  3. You work when it suits you
  4. You have your own online business
  5. You can earn Passive Income that increases every month
  6. You can qualify for additional incentives
  7. You can become Financially Free
  8. You can fire your BOSS and kiss your day job Goodbye
  9. You can have Time Freedom
  10. Earn a limitless amount of income
  11. Make money online 24/7
  12. Work part-time for a full-time income
  13. Achieve all of your goals in life
  14. You are your own Boss
  15. You will never need a pension
  16. No experience is required
  17. Work on your tablet, laptop, or PC
  18. Work from anywhere in the world (even by the pool or on the beach)
  19. Once you’ve built up your biz, even if you don’t work you still get paid
  20. Get paid to have fun, when you’re sick and when you go on vacation

Does this sound Awesome to you?

Do any of the benefits on the list offend you?

If not, then FANTASTIC!

You’re ready to become an Affiliate Marketer!

However, to be able to build a highly successful Affiliate Marketing business will take you time and effort, and will not be an over-night process, so be prepared to work hard for what you want to accomplish online!

To get started right away as an Affiliate Marketer and to learn how to build an online business, I highly recommend you follow the link below:

Do you have any questions or feedback you would like to share on the best way to earn money online? Please share your thoughts on the topic below as I would love to hear it!

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