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Autophix9360: Professional Scanner for TOYOTA Vehicles

Autophix 9360 is a cutting-edge professional scanner designed specifically for TOYOTA vehicles. With its comprehensive diagnostic functions and special features, it is an indispensable tool for automotive professionals working with TOYOTA models. Let’s explore the key highlights of Autophix 9360.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Functions for TOYOTA Vehicles

Autophix9360 offers a wide range of diagnostic capabilities to effectively identify and resolve issues in TOYOTA vehicles. Automotive professionals can rely on this scanner to read fault codes, erase fault codes, and access data streams. By utilizing these functions, professionals can pinpoint the root cause of problems and ensure accurate repairs, leading to improved vehicle performance and customer satisfaction.

Special Functions and Compatibility

Autophix9360 stands out with its special functions tailored for TOYOTA vehicles. Professionals can perform oil resets, electric throttle learning, EPB brake pad replacements, BMS resets, TPMS resets, steering angle adjustments, ABS bleeding, engine/gearbox adaption clearance, injector quantity adjustments (IQA), DPF resets, and DPF regenerations. These specialized functions enable automotive professionals to perform advanced maintenance tasks and optimize the performance of TOYOTA vehicles.

Moreover, Autophix9360 boasts excellent compatibility. It is designed to work with most after 1996 OBDII compliant US, European, and Asian vehicles, ensuring broad coverage across various makes and models. It supports all OBDII protocols, including CAN, J1850PWM, J1850VPW, ISO9141, and KWP2000. Additionally, it is specifically designed to support TOYOTA diagnostic protocols, such as CAN and KWP. This compatibility ensures that automotive professionals can confidently use Autophix9360 for diagnostic purposes, making it a reliable and versatile tool in their arsenal.


Autophix9360 is a professional scanner specifically designed for TOYOTA vehicles. With its comprehensive diagnostic functions, including reading fault codes, erasing fault codes, and accessing data streams, it empowers automotive professionals to perform accurate and efficient troubleshooting. The special functions, such as oil resets and DPF regenerations, cater specifically to the needs of TOYOTA vehicles. Moreover, the excellent compatibility with various OBDII protocols and TOYOTA diagnostic protocols ensures broad coverage and reliable performance. Autophix9360 is the ultimate tool for diagnosing and maintaining TOYOTA vehicles, ensuring optimal performance and customer satisfaction. If reaching for perfect automotive diagnostic tool solutions, click here to get more related information!

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